1. MilesWeb
India's top web hosting for a reason
Me and my company have been using MilesWeb products for about an year now. I'm impressed by the way they care. Unlike other companies they do care the customer. If you are investing on MilesWeb, I can assure you this. YOUR INVESTMENT IS DONE RIGHT.
- Chamod Priyamal
4.8/5 (14)
2. Bluehost
Free SSL
Free SSL is just what you get. FREE! every 3 months if you are not paying attention your site goes down until you call them and have it fixed which will take another 24 hrs. and this is with a dedicated virtual private server. Can you imagine the cost of the lost business opportunities and trust with this going on? Once my site was down for months before I checked it. I have been told that they are employing "Letsencrypt" that has an auto renew feature in Cpanel. This is their last chance!
- Robert Merkt
2.0/5 (14)
3. HostGator
I've been a hostgator client from 2012, few months ago my website was hacked, i didn't get any help from hostgator to get it back, they didn't have any backups (that website was about 4 years old on that server, no backups) i've made the entire website again, was a presentation website + blog (imagine all the work, find all the pictures, text...) And i had 3 of these website on that server, all compromised. All redone. Today i wanted to check something on my website and ...nothing, blank page. Index of /. I was contacting hostgator to ask what happened, where are my files, they don't know, their reply: "I have checked your domain's directory and I see no files in there. May I ask where are your website files located? That was their answear "D'oh!. I was asking for a backup, they have one, but it will cost me $25 to give it to me. Now i'm asking, is not their job, to not get hacked in the first place? And second, they should give that backup archive for free to help their paying customer. For this i'm canceling the account and i will search for a company that values their customers.
- Robert Balici
1.7/5 (6)
4. GoDaddy
Great domain aftermarket
A great range of domain name products and the best aftermarket for newly released domains. Billing can be a bit confusing, but apart form that, they're good.
- Martin H
1.9/5 (13)
5. Ipage
Horrible support, probably the worst hosting compa
Contacted iPage live support asking them to check and unsuspend my account (with no files on it), but they kept on insisting that I buy their "firewall" and "SiteLock" services, with zero reply related to suspension. I've had live chat with many other hosting companies, never had such a lousy conversation. Without providing technical support, they keep marketing their useless expensive services. The support ticket that I created has no replies either. iPage, you just lost a customer.
- Russell John
1.3/5 (6)
6. Inmotion Hosting
Excellent hosting
Excellent hosting , speed with reliability with great tech support , so what we need more !
- Karam Turki
2.9/5 (11)
7. GreenGeeks
Service is extremely poor. You will not have access to your account information: knowing when things expire, the ability to turn off auto renew, etc. Everything is done via ticket and when there is an issue, especially when it comes to billing, they will do nothing to assist - merely redirect you to a long list of terms and conditions. Better to keep looking for another hosting option if you want transparency and support in the real time.
- Virginia M.
2.2/5 (7)
8. ResellerClub
Easy peasy hosting
I am glad that I chose resellerclubs cloud hosting plan to launch my website. Not only did it allow me to go online quickly but also helped me distinguish myself in the market. thanks resellerclub!
- Lloyd Mendonca
2.8/5 (10)
9. Hostinger
Best low cost hosting with Phalcon
this is the best low cost host in my opinion
- Daniel Café
3.2/5 (8)
10. A2 Hosting
Thank you!
Thank you so much Mike for fixed my web site error. Now work properly!
- Cezar Hapliuc
2.5/5 (16)

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