1. MilesWeb
Great support from Mahesh (Milesweb Team)!
He solved my problems very competently. Good employee! Support via the chat functions is fast. The processing of support tickets will be done quickly. All around, great support!
- Eugen Leibundgut
4.8/5 (20)
2. Bluehost
"Impossible to cancel auto-renew on billings. They break different functions out with separate billings so is is super difficult to close a website without remaining billings Never could get the mail function to work..... after multiple phone calls and a lot of hassle."
- Peter Millar
2.2/5 (18)
3. HostGator
Closed down my website without…
Closed down my website without informing due to over limit of resources. I lost a lot of customers and sales altogether.
- Muhaimin Suhaimi
2.2/5 (9)
4. GoDaddy
Finally abandoning ship after 20 years…
Finally abandoning ship after 20 years of lies, bad technical performance (if it does work), and a constant upsell process by their "tech support specialists" aka con men and women who are paid handsome commission for selling products consumers don't need. Stay away from this company.
- Patrick Schutte
2.5/5 (19)
5. Ipage
I have been part of the company as It…
I have been part of the company as It do provide stable hosting which is important for business. I know how their server works and It all depends on how we use it . I have seen many reviews saying their server and support is worse but keep in mind that they are providing hosting for better price which is far more better compare to other hosting . Make sure you use server according to the limitation it has and know the process as I have seen many review saying they been charged even after product was cancelled . I will tell it only hapens if you are ignorant as there is option to control these billing in control panel which ppl always miss to check that out. coming to security issue is concern, make sure website is upto date and don't use any unknown plugin which cause site to get hacked, It is upto us on how we use server well in secure manner . We cannot blame on server as It cannot control over add on you put for your site which may be compromised . Just to be frank It is better server with more value added towards customer
- Rahul Kejar
2.4/5 (9)
6. Inmotion Hosting
Excellent hosting
Excellent hosting , speed with reliability with great tech support , so what we need more !
- Karam Turki
2.9/5 (11)
7. GreenGeeks
Service is extremely poor. You will not have access to your account information: knowing when things expire, the ability to turn off auto renew, etc. Everything is done via ticket and when there is an issue, especially when it comes to billing, they will do nothing to assist - merely redirect you to a long list of terms and conditions. Better to keep looking for another hosting option if you want transparency and support in the real time.
- Virginia M.
2.2/5 (7)
8. ResellerClub
trustworthy and easy to migrate
Have been ResellerClub's customer since ages. One of the many things I realized while choosing a hosting package is that you should have a provider that ensures SSL and security plugins within their plans. So no extra charges to give. Moreover, ResellerClub's hosting services also provide ample of storage facilities and good bandwidth. Will be moving my ecommerce store from a personal version of cloud to a business plan. all thanks to reseller club.
- Klaus Kahn
2.9/5 (11)
9. Hostinger
Great experience of hosting better than…
Great experience of hosting better than except, i m using of service for good service provider and fast. it is get more easier plans better than other service provider so please choose and make a tension free website hosting with secure firm.here ia multiple option of plans and easy service can provide. thank you
- gaurav1230
3.4/5 (9)
10. A2 Hosting
Friendly and quick customer support!
Have been a client for over a year hosting multiple sites. Service is very good. I like the custom built cache which was a great boost to our site's speed.
- Vincent Leyson
2.6/5 (17)

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