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Misleading advertising, manipulations
I don’t know from where so many positives reviews about this company comes from, I guess fake reviews, as you don't need to google much to figure out, they are full of manipulations, if you have any traffic on the site you will get quite likely a mail from them that you overload their server capacity or some limits,and in case you won't choose a more expensive package, account suspension. Don't buy into their fraud about ''Unlimited Traffic,...'' allowed...because they send warnings about ''over-consumption of server resources'' even to site owners with few visitors in month.
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Worst customer service imaginable
Been with HostPapa for 1 years, since LunarPages moved us to them. They are HORRIBLE!! Any outage you have, will be +3 to +4 additional hours due to their poor response time. We one time had a NIC failure, and were down for about 12 hours. We tried to get answers for why it took so long, but all they did was keep passing us around until we gave up looking for an answer. Recently, they moved us to a new frame, and without telling us, cloned our old machine and kept it up and running. The automated processes kept running, billing all of our customers. I tried to get support from them to figure out how this happened, and it was non existent. I asked for our account rep to talk to us, but they never did. We have an outage right now due to Windows not starting after a maintenance reboot. We are going on hour #4 of downtime. NOT WORTH THE SAVINGS if you care about uptime.
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Martin J
Reliable service
I've been using Hostpapa for over five years now. I've tried others and been disappointed. Hostpapa has given me good support and provides some useful, efficient facilities. I particularly like their file manager and appreciate the ability to add sub-domains at minimal cost. Server performance and reliability is satisfactory. I recommend Hostpapa without reservation.
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Ashleigh Tabisher
Horrible Communication
We have been waiting 2 days after being told our websites are being migrated, which are e-commerce and now causing my clients to lose orders and business, on top of that our ENTIRE server with 40 websites crashed this morning for an hour for no reason? A struggle to get any response or any sense of urgency out of them, there is no communication as to what is happening, all I get is another opened ticket. We had emails of one client down because they entered the MX record as .com and not Careless and silly mistake that caused my clients emails to be down for 24 hours unnecessarily.
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Get ready for endless emails
I was a long time customer of LunarPages (10+ years) before HostPapa bought and incorporated them. LP had its issues, especially with customer support, but HostPapa is a completely different story. I'm not an advanced user, but I've had sites for years, so I know the basics of maintaining them. When my 3yr plan needed renewal during COVID, I asked to be switched to a 3 month plan as a pause. That process couldn't be done via my portal. I had to call, and chat, and email over a good two weeks and still most of the replies were scripted when all I asked for was "Can you switch my plan". Oh, and when I switched back, wow, could they do that SUPER FAST. But be prepared, they will email you 5 times a day, even CALL YOU, though you have two weeks to pay (because I was still on my previous 3 month plan). It was borderline harassment and they emailed saying 'let us know when you are going to pay and we'll stop the email blasts.' Yeah, they lost me as a renewing customer. After this plan I am out.
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Nay L
Avoid HostPapa or you will suffer
I hosted my site with HostPapa for the past 3 years+. My site voluntarily shares teaching and learning aids to teach and learn Burmese. The content is controlled by subscription (free of charge). The site has a very sparse activity. Less than 5 active users in a month. After 3 years passed, I took another 3 years subscription. Then they started to show their way of making business. They sent the email "Your website performance is being negatively impacted and is due for a suspension". I have been trying to reach you in regards to a high resource consumption of your account. As we have not heard back from you, I am afraid your account will be suspended in 2 days for violation of our Terms of Service - Disruptive Use Policy (Section 6.2). For more information, please review the terms of service for your region here: We understand the negative impact that this will cause and we would gladly help you avoid service interruption and discuss the most suitable solutions in your case, so please reply back to this email within the next 48 hours.....After I have been disturbed with a series of emails, I put my site in maintenance mode. After putting the site in the maintenance mode for a couple of weeks, they suspended my site. They just want to take away my new 3 years subscription using this approach. I regretted renewing my subscription.
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Amanda Vetter
HORRIBLE customer service
Our website and emails were down 3 DAYS and we run a small business. All I wanted to do was renew our domain and they kept opening “support tickets” and said they’d contact me shortly. They don’t care and don’t listen or understan d what your problem is and just pawn your problem off on the next department, which coincidentally doesn’t make/receive phone calls. I’m PISSED lunar pages did this to their customers.
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Stephanie Thompson
Don’t Recommend
So, I did a bit of research. Checked things out. Picked HostPapa because they were a Canadian company, and reviews seemed to be similar to all the others. I really want to support Canadian. I looked at all their packages, and pic ked starter. I was running a simple mommy blog. Without affiliate links, sponsored posts, or ads. Even a simple basic free theme. So, starter seemed perfect. I had no plans to monetize or go viral. I was writing for friends and family. I’m also on a budget, from being on mat leave, so the cost fit perfect. I signed up for 3 years. We had just passed our 30 day money back guarantee, and I got an email saying my website was using my shared server and putting other websites at being down. I had to email immediately, or else my website would be suspended. When I contacted, asking how I could be, with the small size of my blog (25 posts, averaged a couple visitors a day etc). Instead of helping me, they immediately tried to upsell me. To a tune of an extra almost $400. I responded, saying that wasn’t within my budget. I was told to change my theme, remove any plugins, turn off commenting, and remove my social media. Which I had from the moment I started my Wordpress blog. Then they tried to upsell again, and threatened again with my site being suspended. I again said I couldn’t afford that. I simply got a “we can’t help you” and told I needed to switch, to a more expensive account, again. After I dug deeper, into this up sell tactic, it seems to be a common theme. I am thoroughly disappointed. And mad at myself for missing that. Maybe I am too new to this, and don’t understand the technical side. And, as a result, I either migrate somewhere else or else be bullied into a new plan. I can’t take these threats for the next three years. So, I’m at a real huge financial loss here. That a mom of three, on mat leave cannot really do. That is a lot of diapers and groceries. I am so disappointed.
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Simply for Dads
Good price; responsive support. Until you need to
Everything is great and postcard perfect until renewal time. Then their rep starts to upsell to a higher service tier costing hundreds of dollars more. Their usual ploy is to tell you that your service is adversely impacting other users. We were running WordPress Business for years. Then they tried to sell us VPS at renewal. Even though we renewed for another 3 years, they refused citing our site needs to upgraded. When we refused, they suspended our services. Our service was paused 4 times during the first 4 weeks of renewal. Eventually we called our financial company who intervened. Small company with small thinking.
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Kiran Rao
No website uptime, high pricing
Compared to other web host, I found pricing quite high at hostpapa. My website was down for straight four days. It was really tough time to handle my customers. They could have allotted better representative to escalate my issue. Rubbish service. Price is also high.
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