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Richard Goates
The Way To Go!
I was a little leery going with a company that was unknown and the price seemed too good to be true....but the customer service and support have been excellent and the value they have for the price is exceptional.
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Mirinda Vinsent
Lots of offers and packs for you
IONOS has a lot of options for there customers. I was overwhelmed at first so I started using all the help topics they offer and that made a difference. But what I like the most is that they care about there customers and they offer nice package deals.
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Prithvi Pratap Lohiya
Oversell products and services
Their service is stable. Their servers work. But starting 2 years ago they began charging for services not requested. Their email support is unreliable, forcing you to conduct all support via telephone, and calls disappear. In the last 12 months theyve billed me over $300 for "Additional PHP support" I never requested. Ive been promised refunds 3 times this year that never came. I WOULD EASILY AND GLADLY PAY twice the cost to host with a company I dont have to deal with every 60 days.
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Review Hawk
Purchased a domain, except it wasn't!
I purchased a .com domain and sent payment through. Received confirmation email. Still unable to log in 24 hours later, email and phone support achieved nothing. I then checked on another site and the domain hadnt even been registered. Waiting for a refund, and have bought the domain elsewhere.
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Vitthal Jagtap
Poor server & Worst Support
Worst ever server. Please think 100 times before going to purchase the service. And especially if you own an E-commerce website & running ad campaigns, please do not buy this hosting. You will lose all your money and customers & the bounce rate will go high.
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Adrian Dogaru
Very good overall services
I have been a customer for many years and I think Ionos (1&1) offers excellent services, great uptime, and very good Customer Support. The only minor issue I (personally) have is with the "micro-charging" factor for some services, i.e. PHP support.
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Pushpak Pandit
Don't use lonos
I had 4 websites hosted with lonos. I cancelled 2 of them and found out that they billed me for two years for unused extra services related to those websites, even though I specifically said to cancel all services associated with those websites. They refused to credit my account but asked me to commit for another year. Worst service
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Manav Prasad
Worse Service Ever!
Absolutely terrible, waiting 1 week per reply with none answers, basically a massive scam. Stay Away from this company.
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Terrible experience
Terrible experience - they put up some sort of online commerce service without my approval or permission and proceeded to attempt to falsely recover their fees through a collection agency. A complete joke and total fraud! Let this be a warning - these people are online thieves and scam artist! Angry little english scum IMO not to mention their services are slow and worthless - I now use NameCheap exclusively and have never looked back!
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Matthew Love
Ionos has terrible customer service and backend!!!
I have never worked with a hosting company who are more focused on taking your money than anything else. They are constantly linking you through to solutions that do not even work with your package. Then today I am trying to get some support and the agent just ends the live chat, without resolving the issue. I call companies like this "scum" they are number crunchers who only care about their bottom line and not about their customers.
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