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Terrible experience
Terrible experience - they put up some sort of online commerce service without my approval or permission and proceeded to attempt to falsely recover their fees through a collection agency. A complete joke and total fraud! Let this be a warning - these people are online thieves and scam artist! Angry little english scum IMO not to mention their services are slow and worthless - I now use NameCheap exclusively and have never looked back!
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Matthew Love
Ionos has terrible customer service and backend!!!
I have never worked with a hosting company who are more focused on taking your money than anything else. They are constantly linking you through to solutions that do not even work with your package. Then today I am trying to get some support and the agent just ends the live chat, without resolving the issue. I call companies like this "scum" they are number crunchers who only care about their bottom line and not about their customers.
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Niraj Pandey
Faced lot of issues with ionos
I have faced many technicalities with ionos web host. Customer service is very cheap and they are never recommended for anyone looking for new host. You have continuelly take the follow up for the email sent to the Sales/Support. I hardly got any satisfaction with my hosting plan. If you care your online business, avoid ionos web host.
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Sandip Sharma
Quite good customer service
I am associated with ionos since a year. I feel their customer support is quite good, they resolve website related problems quickly. They provide good features with their web hosting plan and I really cant complain about anything. Everything has worked 100% right away and fine until now. Awesome web host.
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Mohd. Hussain
Providing quick response
I have been with ionos for a few years and they are providing top-notch services for me. They are providing quick response, the staff is also good. The ability to solve (infrequent) issues quickly. You get consistent excellent technical support from the team.
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Divya Dixit
Good web host, affordable pricing
I was looking for better web host, & I came across ionos hosting services. Earlier, one of my friend had good experience with this web host. They provided me good hosting services. The team was good at guiding me & providing the exact solution. Plans are also affordable.
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Ashok Raut
Very Horrible Services
Support team at ionos really needs to improve their performance. Their is too much lack of customer service and inability to provide the services. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They have very poor service, and I often found they hang up the phone and claim to be disconnected. Worst provider Ive ever used.
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Satyajeet Ghosh
Very bad website experience
I have had very bad exerience with ionos, they are proividing very cheap web hosting services. You will be only fooled here for making purchase of hosting services. I was associated with ionos for 7 months and thankfully now I have moved to MilesWeb now. Never ever buy hosting form ionos hosting, very bad services.
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Al Bashar
Better Web Host than bigrock
I found Ionos hosting services much better than bigrock. They have provided every solution to my technical queries. Their services are very comprehensive. You have provided better guidance through support. Their services are right on the spot. They have eased my online business.
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Joe Garner
Avoid this crap web host
I will suggest to never ever buy a hosting plan from this crap web hosting company. No quick reply to your emails, support service is very much pathetic. No clue what solution should be provided to the query. I was charged for hosting addons. At a time I faced server downtime as well.
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