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About FastComet

FastComet started a humble beginning in the year 2013. Eventually, it evolved as the first choice for web hosting solutions for over 50,000 personal and small-business website owners. Currently, they have 70+ employees working in 11 datacenters around the world.

In the year 2014, FastComet launched the first version of its website, with a limited product portfolio. From 2015 they started seizing the moment and started to scale so as to meet the customers' demands.

In 2016, a new website was launched with brand new products and 6 new datacenters were located around the world. By the year-end, they got double the clients and hired more employees.

The company was awarded as a #1 host by many web hosting communities including HostAdvice. Since then, they have never looked back and started the new 2020 decade with a new datacenter location in Sydney, Australia.

Reviews (16)
Yusuf Raza
Fastcomet has stolen my money. I did ask for a refund and my request is still pending. They rejected my refund request and I lost my money without any service. I have transferred a domain to another web hosting company. I did ask them for a PayPal refund but again has been rejected. Fastcomet team only care to get money, be cautious before choosing this web hosting company. Read all terms and conditions carefully.
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Aurthur Stock
Someone on their support team told me to do this on my robots.txt file: User-agent: * Disallow: / As a result a lot of my sites got de-indexed from search engines. This is what our developers told us: User-agent: * Disallow: / These tell Googlebot that they’re not allowed to crawl any pages on your site. To fix the issue, remove them. It’s that simple. A crawl block in robots.txt could also be the culprit if Google isn’t indexing a single web page. To check if this is the case, paste the URL into the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console. Click on the Coverage block to reveal more details, then look for the “Crawl allowed? No: blocked by robots.txt” error. This indicates that the page is blocked in robots.txt. If that’s the case, recheck your robots.txt file for any “disallow” rules relating to the page or related subsection. If you are going to give customers advice at least do so in a manner that it does not compromise their sites. Don't pretend to be oversmart as though you know what you are talking about We have been contacting their support for OVER A MONTH NOW to resolve the issue of bots and instead of helping us they keep trying to upsell services to me and go to a VPN We told them multiple times that we DO NOT need a VPN and simply need their help Then another support agent tells us "we are not website developers but web hosting experts" but they also advertise on their site that they are the best and give 100% support. Instead of providing support they sent us in circles not even addressing our specific issues. We DO NOT recommend FASTCOMET.COM as they are the worst support, and once they got your money your money is gone and lost. We sent them multiple repeated support requests with respect to the same issues. Not only did it take them several hours to respond, but they were avoiding our specific requests and not addressing our concerns In fact they force you to pay for the entire year, and give you great support in the first month once you have paid there are cionstant issues of sending you messages to try and upgrade you and even shut down your website. Don't EVER use WORST SUPPORT FASTCOMET.COM Complete Rubbish instead find another host at least you know they will give you support when you need it.
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