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About WPEngine

WPEngine is the best WordPress platform for those looking for experiencing digital platform. It is an award winning web hosting company that provides you robust WordPress hosting solution.

The hosting platform powered by WPEngine leverages over 30 open source technologies that provide you faster solution. You are made sure to get better agility, performance, better intelligence that is needed for your website to perform in a much faster way.

You are offered automatic security plugins, daily backups, top tier security, one-click staging area & many more benefits. The company has won several hosting awards & it has consistently contributed to the core WordPress & community.

Reviews (26)
Meghana Shanghai
The host dashboard is good. Its easy to download backups, revert to backup, copy live site to staging site, add password protection to staging, and so on. The reason for mediocre rating is support. This comes in 2 forms: chat support and ticketed support. Chat support is hit-and-miss. Some people know what they are doing and want to find a solution. Others either dont know or dont seem to care. With all chat support, youre better off multi-tasking due to the long waits between responses, but that seems universal on the web. Ive had some great chat support so overall, this would only bring the score down one star. The real downfall is ticketed support. Generally, issues move to ticketed support when it takes too long or is too hard for chat support. (You cant log into ticket support in the Chrome/incognito browser, by the way, or at least I cant.) Any ticket-item Ive had has basically had zero support. Your site could be in flames and they probably wouldnt look at it for a week. (And thats just the initial look, not a solution.) So you end up trying again and again with chat support and hopefully you get a resolution there. In summary, its a pity about WP Engines support level (mainly ticketed support). The rest of the system/interface is good and much cleaner that what Ive seen on the two other hosts that Ive tried. For me, timely support is important so Im actually considering a change to another host.
Peter Fenwick
Our webmaster set up our new website on WP Engine and it is very good, fast and functional. Im still learning it but it seems pretty straightforward and easy to make edits. I leave the complex changes and updates to our webmaster.
26 Reviews
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