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About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks was established in 2008 in California and currently serves over 35000 customers. The company name itself says that it offers array of web hosting services in an environment-friendly way. Their service and sales hosting experts are always available to assist you and are the brightest, most dedicated and the friendliest staff. Customer satisfaction is what they aim at.

Their pricing though seems to be low but it is only for those who will sign up for three years otherwise their monthly pricing for plans are quite high. Also, though they offer 30-days money back guarantee, they don’t refund you the expensive domain fees. Their support team has good knowledge about Linux/Unix but if you have a query about Windows, they would find it difficult to resolve.

Reviews (7)
Virginia M.
1 day ago
Service is extremely poor. You will not have access to your account information: knowing when things expire, the ability to turn off auto renew, etc. Everything is done via ticket and when there is an issue, especially when it comes to billing, they will do nothing to assist - merely redirect you to a long list of terms and conditions. Better to keep looking for another hosting option if you want transparency and support in the real time.
Darryl H.
1 day ago
I loved GreenGeeks for the first few years. But recently they've just lacked. There are still good things about them that I love, but there is also A LOT of baggage there as well. Recently I had paid for my domain and watched it expire anyways and someone else buy it up. Fortunately it was retrieved. I was frustrated but I let it go until recently. They renewed an SSL certificate on a site that I DO NOT OWN any longer and it isn't even on my domains list anymore. Aside from this the original email I received from them that I still have said that I would have to manually renew the SSL certificate myself if I wanted it to continue. But, GreenGeeks decided to auto-renew it at $20 extra, and when I contacted them about it they said that I didn't cancel the auto-renew soon enough so no refund. I told them about the email and even showed them. They said they'd give me a credit of $30, which I would then have to specify where I wanted it to be applied. On top of all that the price was $70 and the SSL is useless to me. If they had told me it was going to be renewed and I just forgot, than yes, that's on me. But they told me the renewal was automatic. I decided to move my business elsewhere, but in order to do this they cancel your account immediately unless you specify don't do it until the expiration date. I'm still waiting on response if the domains remain and are accessible or if I need to move them immediately. They seem to make everything as difficult as possible to leave. As well as to get your money credit, which I declined anyways. I put in a claim with my bank, the charge is completely false.
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