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About Ionos

1&1 was formerly known as 1&1 Internet, was founded in Germany in the year of 1988. The company has hosted over 8 million websites. Company has an expertise in IaaS and offers a solution for the digital space.

1&1 Ionos aims on making information technology easy for everyone to understand. The company guarantees on providing robust infrastructure that is integrated with cloud-based digitization applications and tools.

With more than 30 years of experience, 1&1 is now the largest web hosting company in Europe. Company provides round the clock personalized customer service, & has around 90,000 servers in operation.

Reviews (36)
Jeff lee
I am revising this to 3 stars since the problem seems to have gone away after a few days of massive issues. However, I do strongly suspect the Ionos was at the core of the problem that cost us two days of productivity. All outgoing email was getting rejected by Outlook addresses as & Access denied, banned sender. Gmail from the same IP had no issue, and Microsoft forums single out 1 & 1, so its clearly something sloppy, or a bad business practice that raised Microsofts flags. Look at the numerous other complaints here... Its not just us... Fix your security, clean up your act, and stop causing us downtime and embarrassing bounce backs. This is serious.
Gary Gabagool
Ive been with IONOS for 4 years and have bought many domain names from them over the years plus I just bought web space for the first time through them. I couldnt be any happier with them! Any issues Ive ever had, their customer service took care of me in no time! I would never switch domain name providers and hopefully same will go for their hosting services as well.
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