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Best Web Hosting Services of March 2021

40.00 /mo
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email
291.43 /mo
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email
99.00 /mo
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
99.00 /mo
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email
146.90 /mo
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email
183.81 /mo
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email

How do we rate web hosts?


We display the real prices of the plans altogether at one place. We dive deep to research and serve you with the actual deals of company such as startup prices, discounts, etc. and if you get really get the money back guarantee or not.


We have displayed the features of each hosting company in details along with letting you know if they are good or not and if the company is actually offering those. In case, you need to take a quick glance on features offers, don't miss to drop by HostReview.


We know that you surely expect a reliable web host as it highly affects your business growth. Therefore, we check the uptime percentages a host claims by taking surveys and looking into user feedback so that you'll get the exact idea of the host's reliability.


Though your website is built superb, something will eventually go wrong. This is when you need a good support. We check the feedback of customers for the options a host provides live chat, email, phone, tickets, etc. We also check the time in which they respond.


You might still get confused after going through the above factors. Therefore, we have created individual profiles of the web hosts for you. This gives a complete idea about the web host and helps you to pick the best one.

Latest Reviews
  • Bro-Experts Ali

    Great Support, feels really happy after switching from HostGator. Customer support is quick, accurate and most importantly instant anytime in all the ways like a ticket, online chat or even call. Thank you so much "Nilima" and all the best.

    Host Review
  • Noor Alam
    Excellent support
    Dear Vishal, Thank you so much for your excellent support and for solving my all issues, I am very grateful for your kind behaviors, support, and solving my problem with patience. Have a good time ahead.
    Host Review
  • Monty Punjabi
    fully satisfied with the service
    I was looking for a host and there are many out there. I finally decided for bluehost. Honestly, Im very happy with it, the support is great and quick, the server is fast (shared) it WP comes with one or two handy plugins. I would choose bluehost again and just can recommend them!
    Host Review
  • Justin Dyer
    Huge scope for improvement
    The whole end-to-end process could be better documented, including the wait times from domain transfers, name server setup requirements, etc. Im not a total newbie but maintaining a website is not my forte. From advertisements it sounds like a quick one day thing, in reality its a week at least.
    Host Review
  • Jolly Watson
    My experience as a Go Daddy customer is…Mixed
    My experience as a Go Daddy customer is mainly good, but there are areas for improvement that have detracted from my overall satisfaction this year. I have been a fairly happy customer since 2017. We use an e-commerce template. Overall I find the templates easy to use and update. My negative experiences this year relate to poor communication from Go Daddy about product updates, known technical issues, and software integrations with partner businesses.
    Host Review
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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service provided by web hosts which makes your website visible on the internet.

Basically, it’s a physical location of your website and posts on the internet. Web hosting acts as a house to your information, images, videos and other content with which your website is built.

Web hosting comprises of different packages and services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS and cloud hosting. These packages are created on the parameters of the uses of resources like bandwidth, CPU memory, storage space, etc.

The web hosting company is responsible for providing you the 24/7/365 days of tech support and at least 99.9% of uptime. These companies make sure that your website runs smoothly irrespective of the traffic spikes to your site.

The high-powered servers are responsible to serve your website to the visitors as soon as they put your URL in the search bar.

A beautifully designed website gets traffic only if it is hosted properly so as to serve the users whenever they require it.

So, before publishing your website online, be sure about the web host provider which you can trust through out your online journey.

Types of Web Hosting

1) Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting services to host your website. In shared hosting, you host your website on a server which is shared by other websites also. You don’t get the separate space or memory for your own. It is like sharing a flat, where you get a separate bed but need to share the wardrobe, kitchen, cylinder, etc. Similarly, in shared hosting, your website will get the hosting space, but you won’t have any idea about what and how much resources are available for you to use.

Shared hosting is still a better option for the web designer/ developer learners, startups and small scale businesses that don’t get much traffic on their website. It is a low-cost hosting available, but most of the companies give you the authority to upgrade your plan as per your needs.

2) Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is an internet hosting service where the individual or an organization gets a dedicated server to host the website. You get the isolated bandwidth, storage space and the control over the server as well as its software and security systems.

Dedicated hosting gives better performance as compared to shared hosting. It is more flexible to add software and change the server configuration.

3) Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS hosting acts like a dedicated hosting in a shared hosting environment. Technically, it is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting. If you have the optimal heavy traffic but don’t want to go for the fully dedicated hosting then VPS comes to survive you through this condition.

In VPS also, you don’t share your OS with other websites and hence, get the full privacy. VPS gives you a dedicated amount of RAM which you can utilize as per your needs.

4) Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where the account owner can sell his share of server space and bandwidth to the other customers to host the websites. Basically, you can purchase the host service in wholesale and then resell them to your clients or customers to make a profit.

In reseller hosting, many companies give you the facility of ‘100% White Label’ i.e. when you resell the hosting services then your customers won’t know the name of your parent company. So, you have the leverage to set up your own brand name and resell the services under that name. Still, the technical support work will be done by your parent company without telling your customers about it. This can be your addon business to earn the profit.

5) WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a service where all the technical aspects of running your WordPress are managed by the hosting provider. So, if you want something beyond just ‘hosting a WordPress site’ then you can go for the WordPress hosting provider.

Specialized hosts take out a considerable amount of time and effort to host your site as soon as possible. They will build the network and servers and even configure the software stack to create an environment suitable for hosting your WordPress site.

6) Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a method of keeping data across multiple computers and accessing it through a network connection to the internet. That means you get the virtual server which pulls the computing resources from different physical servers those belong to cloud and hence are very secure to use. So, clients can pull, modify and destroy the data as per their requirements. It is a cost-effective method as you are paying only for the services that you are using.

Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing The Web Hosting

After selecting any web hosting provider no doubt your website will get visible on the internet.

But, is that all you want?

You built a website to generate traffic, revenue and get business through it, isn’t it?

For that, your website needs to perform as per the visitors’ expectations and it should be flexible for you to make the changes at anytime you want. So, consider the following points before selecting a web hosting company -

1) Bandwidth

– Usually, select the unlimited bandwidth option so that no matter what amount of traffic is generated on your site, it will work smoothly.

2) Pure SSD storage

– The pure SSD storage enables your site to perform 20x faster.

3) 24/7 support

– You can face the technical issues at any point of time and your customers may suffer through it. So, look for the 24/7/365 days tech support.

4) 99.9% Uptime

– Your website needs to be available anytime visitor visits it. For that it should have at least 99.9% uptime. More than that is always beneficial.

Why Do You Need Best Web Hosting?

All your online business depends on your website and, the website will live until the hosting provider works properly. Most of the business owners use websites and blogs to engage with the existing customers and reach to the potential audience, and we have observed most of the startup businesses end up making a bad choice because their web hosting selection takes a back seat.

The choice of a wrong web hosting company can lead to the loss of revenue, negative effect on SEO and SERP rankings, lack of malware security and no proper technical support.

The well-known web hosting providers need to maintain their standards in the industry, so, they don’t comprise on the quality of the product and services, they are providing.