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Roddy Tanaka
Limited payment methods
Literally, they just took my money with an excuse that it shouldve been deposited into my bank account in a maximum of three days. Its been 7 days already. Not only Im losing my own money, but the potential money I couldve gotten from my investment. Now I have no money. Scammers and waste of time company. Should be sued for sure.
New customer
Cannot get a hold of customer support to deal with initial set up issues (3 days of trying - my time is worth something too, waited on hold for a good part of an hour each time. chat support was a disaster) - pictorial instructions are out of date and does not include iOS. Feel abandoned and unsupported.
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Maya Terrance
Absolutely terrible
I have some permission issue in my site folder GODADDY is not able to solve that issue. I have to change my hosting, The support wont help you to solve the issue you are facing, they will just leave you alone with the problem. VERY VERY BAD SERVICE.and always try to oversell you and costs you more than promised by hidden charges
Thomas Cook
Cheap Service and Support
very cheap web hosting service. Their servers are down all the time. I have to reinstall all my websites 3 times in the last 3 months. When I contact their support team they said my websites got a virus in files and same websites working 100% fine on another hosting. They dont have any technical support they are only available for sales support.
Gordan Belfort
Always try to upsell
If GoDaddy charge you for something and you want to cancel it, they will do everything to stop you getting a refund. Always trying to upsell you things you dont need or want and also charges you for services which are meant to be free. Terrible company to deal with. Multiple hidden charges to harass the customer. Fool you by advertisings. Dont get trapped.
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Aman Bajaj
Worst Hosting Provider
One of the worst hosting providers weve ever worked with, customer support is so bad that you are your own if you find a problem. We had an issue and it took two weeks to prove to them that the problem was with their servers, take my advise keep away from them, dont let advertisements fool you. We did ask for a refund but they refused,
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AVOID AT ALL COSTS EVEN FOR DOMAINS. Their control panel is painfully awkward to navigate, their support will leave you running around in circles for hours and if you want to renew a domain name, they try and force you to use "domain protection" which should be free anyway but costs £30-40 per year on top of the renewal. Want to remove it? Good luck, it won't let you delete it from your cart when you checkout. Thinking about contacting support to get it resolved? Enjoy wasting an hour of your life.
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Joe Gray
Last year my hosing was up for renewal and platform out of date. By upgrading I lost my entire site and all email address associated with the account but the primary email. Their response "its not our problem, hire someone to fix it if you don't know how". Now just one year in of my three year subscription I get and email stating that my free single email account is being cancelled in 15 days. I need to upgrade to a pay plan. No one said they are going to be cancelling email accounts.
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Jimmy Batista
Horrible service
I had purchased a web hosting for my developers. They were not able to do something on the platform. So my developer wanted to use another company. This is in the middle of the pandemic. We didnt get to get started for a month lat er due to this. They wont refund my money because its been after 30 days. This is robbery. I will mever do business with them again. Beware of my nightmare.
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M. Srinivasan
No efficient team, no timely delivery
Team at godaddy has failed in providing the exact solution for me. They never been helpful to me. Dealing with godaddy team has become extremely difficult to me. Never ever opt for this web host. You have long waiting time to resolve ticket.
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