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Adrian Kuleszo
I've cancel my auto-renew services
Ive canceled my auto-renew services with them, yet they charged me for the domain privacy 2 weeks before my old domain was about to go offline. I had to log in to my PayPal to cancel the recurring payments manually, and to my surprise, I found a pre-accepted billing charge of $100 that was going to be billed on the day my old domain was going down
Vicky Verma
Struggle to load on their cheapo plans
Their prices are cheap, but keep in mind that even a basic WordPress theme will struggle to load on their cheapo plans. No refund after 90 days, tech support is very low. They promise you the moon and delivers you stones. We faced multiple losses due to their cheap servers.
John Christian
Always helpful
Hostgator has been really good option for me. Hostgator has always been responsive, whenever I have called for any query. My queries are resolved in quick time which was really satisfying. I dont really have any complaints, but pricing is something they should work on.
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Kiran Marshan
Snappy plan for my new website really works great
Excellent support and service by their team. Best part is the Snappy plans can be extended even for VPS. I found the pricing on a bit expensive side but the thing is that HostGator is a big brand and they really live up to the expectations. Really helped me set up my small business website and blog.
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Shared hosting is very slow
They are getting worse and worse. My website on their shared hosting used to work fine but about 6 months ago I started noticing that sometimes it works much slower - it took about 5 sec and more to load the page. Now its slow almost every time - it works fine only for a short period of time I talked to tech support but they always blame my website optimization. When I asked them, how can you explain that it worked fast 1 hour ago and now its 10 times slower? They claimed that they dont see any slowness on their end. A few weeks ago, the server a few times failed completely and returned code 500. But tech support pretends that they dont know about it. I ended up moving to another hosting provider where my "not optimized" site works perfectly fine with the cheapest plan. Unfortunately, Hostgator doesnt want to refund money for the rest of the year but Id better lose money than I would deal with them anymore..
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Suraj Bhoye
Absolutely terrible
Despite many questionable positive short reviews and rates, I had nothing but horrible experience with Hostgator. They provide very slow support, and some times they take days to reply, I have a feeling that many of their support employees & are inexperienced and possible part-time contractors if not freelancers. If you need support from a hosting company, in my honest opinion go elsewhere.
Manav Mishra
Horrible Bad
I have been completely screwed by HostGator. When I had first signed up, I only wanted a service to host my HTML website, but as sneaky as they are, I had been charged an extra 43$ for a domain I never wanted. I had tried to cancel it but they continued to tell me there were no refunds for domains. After talking to many representatives, I had decided to keep it, but as soon as it was live on the web, Ive started getting spammed with calls and emails from marketing companies
Jawinder Kaul
Not Recommended
As a new beginner, I started my shared hosting with hostgator. I started two accounts with hostgator hosting. The service was good for couple of months, but as I started getting more issues, the support performance went down. I was beginner and new to web hosting, it was very frustrating to cope up. I decided to close the account and move to another web host, the account closing also took long time. Hostgator surely Not recommended.
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Ram Paul
Very Disappointed
I started with hostgator eight months ago, but today I am thinking that decision to move to hostgator was not good. Experience has been bizarre. I started on two accounts with hostgator, which was my mistake. So I dont know about others, but I dont have much good experience with them.
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Jaswinder Kaul
Not a reliable web host
I want to give my honest review on hostgator. I purchased VPS web hosting plan from hostgator, but all things went wrong from the day I purchased hosting form them. The team had no clue nor did they provided me any assistance regarding the VPS issues. I have lost business because of silly mistakes done by hostgator team. They are seriously not reliable web host.
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