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John S.
Not As Advertised + Did Not Refund Full Amount
Dreamhost clearly states on the VPS product page that they offer reseller functionality. I assumed this was their own panel similar to whm/cpanel with full account separation per client. This is not the case. All domains on their panel share the same directory structure, similar to addon domains. While there are some reseller billing options, this is not reseller hosting. Additionally, when I went to cancel my three year plan 2 days after signing up they charged me $10. Then I needed to file a ticket with support and will potentially need to file a dispute with my credit card company. If Dreamhost had simply advertised what they are actually selling, I would have saved time and hassle by not signing up in the first place. And if they would have actually refunded my money per their money back guarantee, they would not have a negative review from me.
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Adrian Hall
The DreamHost system is infected with a…
The DreamHost system is infected with a script on many of their servers that attacks other sites. I have made them aware of this 10 months ago and they have not done anything about it. These are the infected servers - 5starworldwideins.com ajs-landscapes.com allcarelandscape.com apache2-argon.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-bongo.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-cabo.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-dap.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-emu.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-fritz.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-grog.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-heavy.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-igloo.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-jolly.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-kant.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-linus.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-moon.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-noxim.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-ogle.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-pat.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-quack.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-rank.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-sith.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-twiddle.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-udder.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-vat.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-whippit.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-xenon.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-yak.portland.dreamhost.com apache2-zoo.portland.dreamhost.com dewdropmedia.com housedillon.com jscs.com pacificreflexology.com portland.dreamhost.com productofgir.com stmichaelvannuys.org
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Markus Schmucki
I am a new client of DreamHost
I am a new client of DreamHost. Researched various solution providers to host at. I tried them out -- and tonight I had a question about backups and immediately a custom email was sent back to me with a human that I could reply to. Customer service is phenomenal. You would be wise to give DreamHost a try.
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Adrian Waterworth
Dreamhost - good hosting, no worries.
I've used Dreamhost for a number of websites over the years and have literally no complaints. Even on one of their shared hosting packages, I've found the service to be responsive (better than some other companies virtual private servers) and the number of times I've had availability issues or downtime can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand. On the rare occasions when there have been any issues or problems, their support has been quick, helpful and efficient. If the problem is on their side, they'll hold their hands up to it and make sure it gets fixed. If it's something on the client side (i.e. something dumb I've done) they've helped track it down and been kind enough not to call me out on it if I've missed something obvious in my site configuration or done something else really, really stupid! Overall, I'd recommend them very highly
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I am new to this and have needed interaction with their support team. That has been a positive experience as they have been able to get back to me and either answer or resolve my issues. And they have done so graciously.
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Exceptional Service
Dreamhost has been my primary domain host for my company and project websites and it's been outstanding. What sets them apart -- aside from the ease of use -- is the exceptional service they provide when reaching out for support. I've found them to be real people (not just automated systems) and fast. I get complicated problems resolved quickly through a variety of means. I don't have the time to spend my days on tech support and they recognize that and respond with the right answer, politely, quickly, and effectively. I can't recommend them enough.
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Mike Jones
Good Support Team
Working with Dreamhost has been really worked well for me. Whenever I did contact support for any help, they offer a proper solution to me. Their support is highly responsive. Highly recommended.
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Vishakha Sharma
Very poor service & waste of money
Due to poor customer service, it has become really hard to handle my customers. I am extremely unhappy with the Dreamhost support team right now. This is a really huge loss to me. Total waste of time and money with Dreamhost. I won't recommend them enough.
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Sumit Chauhan
Cheap web host, not reliable
I have used their VPS plan. Unfortunately, I can say they are not very reliable. I have faced so many issues instantly singing up with a hosting plan. They provided me terrible support. You will surely waste hours of your time with this web host.
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Jeff Dujaun
No good hosting services
I have recently purchased 3 years hosting plan from Dreamhost this is the worst decision I made in my professional life. The hosting services are really awful, they have consistently failed to provide a better hosting solution. No responsive support team which only toss queries to each other.
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