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Noah Harrison
Need Improvement In Tech Support
I have purchased a shared hosting plan from them but after few months my websites are not working, Server went down every few hours. Their support was answering on time and really good to talk but sever issue solved in 2 days. Need to improve tech support quality.
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Linda Venosca
Frustrating service
Im more than frustrated, I recommended these services to 50 customers, a few days ago i found a bug on emails (they have the best hosting and WORST email services). They said that fix for this bug is deleting email and making a new one. I will never again recommend this hosting to any of my customers. This is the worst solution to avoid fixing bug.
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Rohit Murthy
Very Bad Hosting Service | Never recommended
The third Class hosting provider, I lost business because of them I wish to hostreview provide negative rating I will give them a negative rating. I dont recommend DreamHost for anyone
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Minty Mankar
DreamGhost, Yes I am right they are not a host but actually a ghost. They ruined my online business by their pathetic service and pure unprofessional behaviour. Till your website is going fine they are good. The moment your website faces a problem they vanished like a ghost. Dont trust them, Save your business.
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Robert S.
You Should Avoid This Company At All Costs.....
Dreamhost.com is a small very undercapitalized tech company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. In 2017 senior management decided not to answer an official Search Warrant issued by a Federal Judge and US Attorney. This breach of ethics and the illegality of senior management at this company is disconcerting.
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Gajesh Naik
Best way to earn Ethereum!
Best way to earn Ethereum! I loved it! It is awesome! Till now, I have earned 3$ just the following accounts. This is the best website. EGG token is also awesome and great.
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Colleen Kerr
They helped immediately
They helped immediately, and they chastised me for not looking carefully enough at the website, which was a drag. Finding customer service was super challenging. The website could be more user-friendly for sure.
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Usman Shaikh
Not Recommended
Great service but Poor availability of live customer service. They have a great service, good downtime, good pricing and very helpful live customer service...when you finally reach them. The issue is their live customer service isnt available 24/7 (they are only open 5:30AM - 9:30PM Pacific Time) and their email support response times are atrocious (about 24hrs or more). This especially becomes a problem when your site is down when their live support isnt available
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very bad customer service No one respond to you
No one responds to any of my emails and no one is available to chat despite booking two appointments online with Mira. Thats what you always get as reply
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John S.
Not As Advertised + Did Not Refund Full Amount
Dreamhost clearly states on the VPS product page that they offer reseller functionality. I assumed this was their own panel similar to whm/cpanel with full account separation per client. This is not the case. All domains on their panel share the same directory structure, similar to addon domains. While there are some reseller billing options, this is not reseller hosting. Additionally, when I went to cancel my three year plan 2 days after signing up they charged me $10. Then I needed to file a ticket with support and will potentially need to file a dispute with my credit card company. If Dreamhost had simply advertised what they are actually selling, I would have saved time and hassle by not signing up in the first place. And if they would have actually refunded my money per their money back guarantee, they would not have a negative review from me.
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