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Mukesh Jain
Nothing is fast about these guys
Nothing is fast about these guys. The customer support team is severely lacking tech know-how and so is their physical infrastructure. Our website, a busy eCommerce store, has been down for more than 8 hours now. First, their sales rep got us to upgrade to a higher plan promising this would put the site back online quickly.
Nisha Patel
Great customer service
FastComet is one of the best hosting providers I have used till now. They have an excellent customer service support which helps me a lot with technical issues. You may find its price expensive, but considering the service you will find it worthy. Fast speed with no server issues + Amazing customer support, you should try it once
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A huge disappointment
A huge disappointment. They seemed kind and good, then they started to force me to do their job, manage the servers, CDN, cache, search bots on my own. They suspended my client's site many times with no real reason. Not at all recommended.
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Rupesh Tiwari
Excellent Server and Superb Customer Support
Hi everyone, I am very much impressed with Fastcomet services. Their site is very user friendly and excellent tools and services. The top most thing is superb customer support. I created my ticket and it got resolved immediately without any delay. I will highly recommend everyone to take server from FastComet only.
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Jace Forsythe
What an amazing help from their team
What an amazing help from their team! Anytime I am in need of their help they respond promptly with a solid solution. I was impressed.
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Yasemin Yalcinkaya
Great service!
I had my e-commerce on FastComet for two years and I was extremely happy with both the sales and technical service I received. They are always available, knowledgable and helping. Now I am coming back to FastComet, this time for the hosting of not one but 3 of our domains. I highly recommend FastComet.
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Shailendra Patel
I see why it's cheap
They have limitation on everything! I am on highest shared plan, theres a limit on mailbox (4GB) although its mentioned on their sales page, but these people have a limitation on monthly bandwidth (100GB) too which is not mentioned anywhere, it just pops out every month, last time they told me that some crawler is eating away the bandwidth, but even after blocking it, the issue remains. At least put up a board saying that you have a limit on the resources, this is fraud man!
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Debra Williams
BEWARE! Liars and very unprofessional service and ticket support DO NOT TRUST THIS FASTCOMET.COM WEB HOSTING THEIR SUPPORT IS THE WORST IN THE HOSTING INDUSTRY We ordered their service and initially was ok, then they started restricting our websites even after we had made adjustments. They suspended our service twice without doing any due diligence and the staff were somewhat helpful but some clearly ignored our complaints. Once they got your money, forget it they just dont care because you have to pay one year in advance. Money is gone, service is crap and staff do not assist when you repeatedly complain Our biggest mistake joining this hosting company better off paying a little more money Stay away from A Rip Off.
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Aurthur Stock Worst Support and help after payment
Someone on their support team told me to do this on my robots.txt file: User-agent: * Disallow: / As a result a lot of my sites got de-indexed from search engines. This is what our developers told us: User-agent: * Disallow: / These tell Googlebot that they’re not allowed to crawl any pages on your site. To fix the issue, remove them. It’s that simple. A crawl block in robots.txt could also be the culprit if Google isn’t indexing a single web page. To check if this is the case, paste the URL into the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console. Click on the Coverage block to reveal more details, then look for the “Crawl allowed? No: blocked by robots.txt” error. This indicates that the page is blocked in robots.txt. If that’s the case, recheck your robots.txt file for any “disallow” rules relating to the page or related subsection. If you are going to give customers advice at least do so in a manner that it does not compromise their sites. Don't pretend to be oversmart as though you know what you are talking about We have been contacting their support for OVER A MONTH NOW to resolve the issue of bots and instead of helping us they keep trying to upsell services to me and go to a VPN We told them multiple times that we DO NOT need a VPN and simply need their help Then another support agent tells us "we are not website developers but web hosting experts" but they also advertise on their site that they are the best and give 100% support. Instead of providing support they sent us in circles not even addressing our specific issues. We DO NOT recommend FASTCOMET.COM as they are the worst support, and once they got your money your money is gone and lost. We sent them multiple repeated support requests with respect to the same issues. Not only did it take them several hours to respond, but they were avoiding our specific requests and not addressing our concerns In fact they force you to pay for the entire year, and give you great support in the first month once you have paid there are cionstant issues of sending you messages to try and upgrade you and even shut down your website. Don't EVER use WORST SUPPORT FASTCOMET.COM Complete Rubbish instead find another host at least you know they will give you support when you need it.
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Andre Miller
Easy migration process
Fastcomet has worked well for me. The migration process was easy. Due to DNS errors not found at the time, my site has had more downs. The problem was quickly resolved with a fast comet. Their support is also good. Price is also much affordable.
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