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Mas Pixell
Liquid Web support is awesome
Liquid Web support is awesome! They almost saved my business by fixing a really complex issue fast, safely and without any data losses, Thank you Liquid Web.
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Michael Summerfield
Chat and support for billing is nearly worthless
Coming from SiteGround where a chat window is usually connected to a rep immediately [or at least under a minute] and the problem is solved, I find Liquid Web's chat support wait times abominable - if the chat takes place at all. Opening a ticket isn't necessarily a solution. I still have a very simple billing ticket question open for nearly a week. I had to call them to ask them to address the ticket. Only their senior support specialist can answer my question? You can't help me on the phone? You won't resolve my open ticket? I guess they don't want to get paid via ACH funds. My invoice link is dead. How can I submit for my expense account? Why can't you invoice my Accounts Payable monthly? Not everyone in corporate America can use their credit cards for IT expenses due to compliance issues. This is simple stuff. I'm not sure I want to know what happens when things get more complicated. I hope this lack of support is limited to billing.
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Bill Morin
Company is going down...
We purchased VPS service and tried to have our websites migrated to Liquid Web after reading positive reviews. We waited almost 1 week to be notified that the migration was complete. After the migration our e-mail never worked for multiple accounts costing us a lot of lost business revenue. The migration support team was not very responsive sometimes taking up to 7 hours top respond. Their "59 minute" support guarantee is unrealistic. They never repaired the e-mail problem so we had to go back to our old hosting company because of us losing money daily with their service not working. They even tried to Pro-Rate our refund because they stated that we had the service for a week which we did not because it was inoperable. We will have to Dispute the charge for the refund. I have been reading reviews about this company all over claiming that the company was sold and they are no longer the good company they used to be. Any businesses that count on reliable hosting service to earn revenue should stay far away from this company since they are no longer what they were in the past.
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Ariel Hermenegildo
Save your money and avoid this hosting
Save your money and avoid this hosting. I'm the one who have experience of their cloud sites (cloud based hosting). This is one of the worst hostings after Godaddy and Dreamhost. 1. No filemanager 2. Always issues with files and folder persmissions - need to contact their support to flush/update it, otherwise you can't rename, remove, edit or delete it from FTP, which is your only access 3. First byte speed and overall SEO scores are low here. 4. Support is Ok-ish, not as much experienced, but very fast Added Later: Unfortunately there isn't any way to reply. Small correction: we have >50 websites hosted on your hosting and these permission issues are not continued issues on the same site. This is issue that we have an all websites that we host with LQ.
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Jyoditha Das
Great web host
I have VPS plan associated with liquid web, and they are really good web host. Every time I asked for any any technical support, they were promt in solving the issue. They understand your problem and actually do their best to resolve the issue. I have recommended this host to my friends and they are also having good experience with liquid web.
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William Tan
Save the pain and avoid this company
I was a happy customer of Beyond Hosting until Liquid Web took over. While the support team tried to be helpful, it did not solve my problem. They deleted my data before migration could be completed. I have multiple websites wiped out and I have to rebuild each website. Fortunately, I have some backup and I could restore some sites but surely it will be on another hosting company. I still lost some data. This is unacceptable for a so-called "world-class" web hosting company. I write this not to defame Liquid Web but to warn other Business Owners not to put their business on Liquid Web. The loss of revenue and effort can truly be devastating. Please avoid this company.
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Mark Leeds
Liquid Web has the best in support
Liquid Web has the best in support, solving problems quickly. For issues that are website related and not hosting issues, they have also been helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate that their servers and support team are US-based.
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Jessica Struzik
Extremely unhappy customer
We will be looking for a new hosting company. We have been with liquid web for years now and at this point we are completely fed up with all of the problems, outages, and the level of support provided.
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Steve Barker
Totally frustrated.. 3 months and they reneged on
Since July 7th I was promised a discounted package by their sales team via live chat. 1 Month later I recieve an email where they have reneged on this - 'it is not available anymore', and my only option would be to pay more than double to continue to use their service (and even more the year after). This puts me in the position where I have very little time to look elsewhere. Totally frustrated!
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Craig Winder
I am one of those really painful customers who con
I am one of those really painful customers who constantly need assistance and always trying to get the most from everything in life and as fast as possible. Liquid web are literally one of the only companies I work with on a monthly basis that delivers every time. I have a business that is ever expanding and I have a lot of requirements and they always deliver and with some of the best staff in the hosting world. Cant recommend them enough and their premium services are the price of most standard ones. Really great company.
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