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Narendra Shah
Pathetic Service
Absolute rubbish. I had 3 days of them pretending to look into a critical email problem, with each tech support person pretending to work on it then hand it to someone else because my shift has ended, followed by five days (so far) of total radio silence. Absolutely abysmal customer service. If you actually need a working web site avoid at all costs.
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Mohit Maneka
Drops in connectivity
Good response from the server. However, connectivity would go away nearly daily for HTTP and FTP. With server reboot, it would regain connectivity until next time. Liquid Web could not fix issues even after we provided nearly a complete roadmap to the problem. As a result of their inability to solve the hardware issue we walked. Never Experienced Before, Not recommended
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Nayana Jaywardhan
Great support and service
Liquid Web gives assistance like no other hosting platform I have used before. Each and every person I have dealt with is friendly and helpful. Problems are always resolved. Well done Liquid Web!
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Manjul Shaikh
You'll regret every moment of it.
Our websites are down for the last 5 days and they are still down. The server apparently crashed and they are not able to recover it. Their technical teams are irresponsible and incompetent or probably they do it for fun.
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Sam Disouza
Stay Away From LiquidWeb
If you got lost hosting if you got lost databases, and you didnt get emails about your hosting suspension, if you are trying to solve any kind of problems with their support in 3 months, if you are trying to transfer lost accounts files to the new one and having 5 times more problems - thats LiquidWeb
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Alexander Henry
Stop looking this is the company you want...
I have been hosting and creating websites for 20 years. I have been with 2 other companies but as I grow it has been harder for these organizations to keep up and provide the support I require. Liquid Web is an exceptional company that I have been absolutely thrilled with.
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Monty Ahuja
Pathetic service.
Total failure in the name of a web hosting company. Their servers are slow, the Support team is very hard to deal with as they dont understand English and try to speak in their native language which we dont understand. They try to oversell you every day. Their sales team promises you many things but fails to provide.
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John Miller
Worst Hosting Provider
Liquidweb is worst than the worst web hosting provider, Their support is cheap than their price. They have 0 after-sales services and support. The representatives are most of the times not available, talks rudely, dont understand basic problems which even a non-technical person can easily understand. Dont just go for their cheap prices its a fraud trap.
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Mamta Pandit
Never Buy From Hostipples
Their service is very cheap but you will face many difficulties. every second day your website will not work. you have to tell them via chat and then they will solve the problem. You will be fed up with their services Not recommended.
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Amol Dusane
Bad Hosting Service
The VPS is very slow with its SSD. I used their service for 6 months. Their servers get down every other day worst service ever seen in my life... I would not recommend this hosting ever.
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