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Richard K
Uneducated Corporate Robot Support
Unfortunately I manage over 50 NameCheap Accounts. This used to be a good thing. Not now. Years ago the support staff were knowledgeable and helpful. Now they are seemingly untrained and robotic in their nature. Did I mention SLOW? The support staff seem to be restricted by corporate rules and can not even answer questions that are not on a very limited list of basic questions to answer. LITERALLY! You should see the list of apology emails and chats. Plenty of apologies for failures, but no solutions or fixes. This is standard now. :-( The copy and paste apologies and links to FAQ are completely unhelpful. Oh how I miss the old days at NameCheap. After a corporate infusion of cash about 5 years ago the service has fallen close to 0% help with only occasional sparks of light. The hosting servers are often flakey and experience configuration errors often. Also, Email is terrible with so many spammers on the shared servers that large providers like T-Online in Germany completely block emails from NameCheap hosting IPs in the USA. Their solution offered is an email filter that spoofs the IP!! Can you believe that?
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Ravish Kumar
Very low website speed
I am assciated with namecheap for more than 8 months and pricing is good at namcheap.I am really worried about my website speed now. I am using the cheapest package which is the value package. I am also using CDN to boost up some speed with my website. This is really causing me a loss.
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Rahul Tripathi
Good hosting support
I am associated with Namecheap for a year now. I faced some installation problems, but it was soon resolved. The pricing is also cheap, provided features are also fine. They can more improve on communication and functionality. Till now, everything has worked 100% right away.
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Tejas Simmaro
High Pricing for shared hosting
Once I was customer of namecheap but now I have moved to other web hosting company. I see that their hosting prices are changed now and they are quite high. There were some security breach to my website which caused me a loss. So I will suggest to opt for namecheap wisely.
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David Pattinson
Faced several DDos attacks
The server security at namecheap has been very poor, and I have faced several DDos attacks with them. This was huge loss for me. I lost my several clients due to this poor issue. I understand that servers do get ddos attacks but the way namecheap team did handle the situation, it was very bad represntation. I have moved to better web host now, I will only say be careful while selecting this web host.
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Navneet Rana
No good support services
I am in web hosting industry from couple of years, and experience with namecheap has been really worst. They do provide 24/7 support service, but team really needs to improve its skills. They are giving unmetered bandwidth, you can maintain the visitors at a time. No good uptime provided.
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Nawad Rana
Incompetent hosting team
Yesterday, I had chat with their incompetent support team, the support was so inadequate. They always make a lame attempt to apologize for their own mistakes. They keep lying on the offerings provided, never ever trust this web host for any of your requirements. They all lack logical reasoning skills which is very much useless for anyones business.
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Ravi Gaikar
So Far Good Experience
I am associated with namehceap for 2 years and it has been a good experience so far. I had asked for website support several times and it was resolved in a quick time with proper guidance. Compared to my earlier web host, namecheap has worked better for me. My website has more than 8000 visitors per month and website performance is been good so far. Great support team.
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Jim Banton
My first website hosted with them
I am newbie in the technology field, and namecheap has helped me in setting up my online business. They were very helpful in setting up all technical things needed. I am very glad that I selected namecheap instead bigrock. Because one of friend is in big loss being associated with bigrock. I will definitely recommend namecheap for better hosting experience.
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Mustafa Ahmed
Reliable and good to go web host
Namecheap is very much reliable web hosting company. The cost of the hosting plans are also very cheap. Very good uptime provided and no issues with support team. You receive fast and exact solution with over email and support chats. More importantly they provide professional services.
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