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Peter Werner
Room for improvement, but overall ok
Ok, Im offering many negative reviews. Seemingly, because most companies today are just about making a profit and little about offering actual service to actually be entitled to receive the profit. Today I wanna leave a positive one, so people can see, that its not on me and that there is another side too.
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Chris Jorden
My Website is down for 2 days and customer..
My site is down for 2 days and customer support says the same thing from 2 days hardware issue, will be fixed soon. I highly recommend NOT to choose Namecheap if you are about to do some serious business, They are not worth it except price.
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Muhammad T Kamal
I use their domain names and email
I use their domain names and email services, everything is going perfectly and the support team is also good. Used this company for domains for several years, easy to configure, quick ordering process.
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Rafel Yagarod
Their renewal prices are more expensive…
Their renewal prices are more expensive than some of their competitors, but they provide pretty good service. Fooling customers by false marketing and by not telling their renewal prices. its a bit disappointing and hectic for the business at the time of renewal.
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Ismail Bohori
Best of the Best
I have used few other domain and hosting provider, I (my business) confidence doing business with namecheap. I dont think ever I move my business from domain, easy and secure access to my account, my requests gets responses quicker than any other domain and hosting provider. The best of best is namecheap.
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Iqbal Dash
I had domains with only domains
I had domains with only domains, then I move my domains because had no control over them, I wanted to transfer one domain the security codes hidden and hosted elsewhere! I can’t get it, I had to call, emails to get the code for my domain.
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Sarah cummins
Below my expectations
Ive used Namecheap for 1 year and have been somewhat unsatisfied with their service and tech support. After my hosting plan expired with them, I didnt feel the desire to renew it.
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Monty Menon
Namecheap is really unreliable web host. Servers have a huge downtime and the servers dont provide you enough security even if you have the top notch security plan. They are good in their prices, Support team is genuine and cooperative but everything fails in-front of their unsecured and unreliable servers.
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All in all best hosting provider so far.
I have been a Namecheap customer for several years. After trying a few other domain providers, I have switched my domains back to Namecheap. Their renewal rates have always been consistent and reasonable and do not increase to an insane amount after the initial term expires. Customer service is responsive and flexible. And their hosting is very reliable.
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Grammy Wayne
Should change their name to Disappointment
I came to know about namecheap from a friend of mine. And guess what we are not friends anymore. Namecheap is so bad that I cant even compare them to anything. They are beyond science. I am so disappointed with namecheap that i will not use them for free also.
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