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Vincent Leyson
Friendly and quick customer support!
Have been a client for over a year hosting multiple sites. Service is very good. I like the custom built cache which was a great boost to our site's speed.
Cezar Hapliuc
Thank you!
Thank you so much Mike for fixed my web site error. Now work properly!
Jennifer Dagi
I enjoy using A2hosting
I enjoy using A2hosting. They are reliable and professional. Since I joined them, I haven't had any major issue. I love A2hosting!
Vangelis Makridakis
Amsterdam Reseller Server often is down. Long awai
The last couple of days the Amsterdam server for resellers is down for many hours. Yesterday (Sunday, before Cyber Monday) was DNS Resolver issue for at least 5 hours (nothing was working). Today (Cyber Monday 2018) There are multiple failures, MySQL is down for 9 hours (no e-shops and other websites with databases are online), many e-mails are not delivered and God knows what else... My clients with e-shops are down on a Cyber Monday. Money was lost, A2 Hosting will pay one way or another... The support takes hours to respond. There is no real info provided, only that "currently experiencing a MySQL service interruption" and "Our System Operations team is still working on correcting an issue with database driven websites. We will continue to provide updates as quickly as possible." I'm looking to move elsewhere. Been a journey for more than 2 years but A2 Hosting is not what once was... "reliable".
Z. L.
This a joke not a real host service
This service is dedicated for personal use rather. Unreliable and simply dangerous for commercial use. One of email address ( attached to one of 20 our domains ) was hacked and started send spam. What a2 hosting did ? They blocked ENTIRE our account without warning, explanation or any attempt of investigating. Apparently they were sure that we send a spam. Some of emails was marked as 'sent' and never delivered to the recipient. This caused a serious deliveries of goods in a peak season . We lost a lot money, all this because of amateur acting of a2hosting. We are looking for serious hosting, this one is going to be reported BBB and other service to aware any potential business users.
Goran Matosevic
Terrible customer support
I bought windows managed VPS and regret it! Server is working, but non of my tickets were resolved by their support team! I had to do all by myself - don't understand why they called this managed hosting?? First, I asked to install sql server express - they did, after 10 days!!! Then the backup did not work - I asked to fix it - they didn't! I guess they don't know how - it passed 30 days, no solution! They just reply "they are working on it". I'm afraid what will happen if a serious issue happens on server - I guess no one will be able to help me! I'm looking at alternatives and move away from this company!
iPhone Den
Quick and fast customer service!
Have been a client for over a year hosting multiple sites. Service is very good. I like the custom built cache which was a great boost to our site's speed.
Chiraq Thajudeen
Thumbs down
Servers went down half of the time, I moved to Snipe hosting and i love it! wish i had done it sooner!
only a stupid people can take this…
only a stupid people can take this hosting...
A2 Hosting help desk are always there…
A2 Hosting help desk are always there to assist and can go beyond for their customers, Really helpful , much appreciated and will recommend to anyone to use them .
Amr Selim (The Internet Guy)
Great and reliable service
Great service guys, keep it up. I used to change hosting every 15-18months, Now I don't need to.
David S.
I fired A2 Hosting for poor service…
I fired A2 Hosting for poor service after being a customer of theirs for 55 months. The reason I quit using A2. I received email notification on 10-16 that my email service was suspended due to a large volume of spam mail. Our company email account got hacked. I contacted A2 support when I received the notification. Support told me to clear out the fake emails, change the password, and they would remove the suspension. I did as they requested. I received confirmation they would lift the suspension. The next morning I didn't check my email because I was with a client. I get a call from my office tell me our email wasn’t working. My office has multiple (6-8) phone and email conversations with the A2 support team. They promised they would resolve the problem. My office had to follow up numerous times because they weren’t honoring their commitment to fix our problem. I arrived back in the office on the morning of Oct 18th to discover our emails were still not working. I called and left a voicemail for the CEO, Bryan Muthig. Bryan did not return my call, but our email was working within an hour. There is a lack of consistent service at A2 because of the lack of ownership on some of the people on the support team; due to lack of training or really don’t care about the customer. I’ve had poor service experiences with their support team in the past, but I wasn't willing to take the time or make the investment to switch to another provider. This experience was the last straw. It cost my company time, money and the reputation with clients when we weren’t responding promptly. I have fired A2 because of poor service
Kevin Painter
Would have given Zero given the chance
Would have given Zero given the chance I found the company to be horrible in relation to cancellations and Payments I would not use them
Robert Payne
Unbelievably bad support
Unbelievably bad support. They made a change to one of my sites which completely screwed it up. Then it transpired that they hadnt backed up the site at all despite claiming a daily backup. So my site was broken PLUS no one could get access to my WordPress dashboard. This was just one from a whole catalogue of incompetent support issues. If you take your site and data seriously AVOID THE A2 SCAMMERS.
Jerry Wolak
They suddenly shut down our email…
They suddenly shut down our email sending ability - for ALL our domains and addresses. After opening a ticket we were told, that ONE of the email addresses was compromised and used to send spam. This is what we got after a couple of hours. Asked why they did suspend all accounts and why they did not provide any info prior they action. So, we are a victim and what does the a2 hosting ? Help us ? No way...Here is the answer from Jeffrey : "The account was suspended as a whole because when working with sub-domains and addon domains, we do not have the ability to simply suspend individual portions of that account. We are forced to suspend the entire hosting account.." They know exactly which account was affected and we immediately deleted it . End of story ? No way...Jeffrey refused restoring email accounts and said : 'Before we can lift the suspension from your account, please tell us what steps you will take to resolve this issue. We require a detailed plan of action describing how you intend to eliminate the current problem and how you plan to prevent future compromises.' So, let's imagine that verizon starts blocking ALL websites hosted by a2hosting because ONE on them is source of malware. Why not ? This is the way a2hosting works and accept ! So, it's been 36h now with no emails working, we are unable to send emails to our business partners, US customs...Deliveries delays, we are losing the money, Jeffrey is still happy . The bottom line : this service is NOT for business customers. You can't get any help from them , you may be treated patronized instead. They are simply unprofessional and I strongly advice to stay away of such poor service.
Brian Photastic

Very slow to respond and when they do they don't give out much information. My current problem is well over 24 hrs old and still no resolution.

Brian D. Scocchio

I transferred my hosting from another service, and within 2 hours of submitting the ticket to migrate my website it was complete! Their prices are fantastic, and SSL is free! It doesn't get any better than this!