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Muhaimin Suhaimi
Closed down my website without…
Closed down my website without informing due to over limit of resources. I lost a lot of customers and sales altogether.
Nick Taylor
Giving 4 stars as I own few apple
Giving 4 stars as I own few apple gadgets including the X and the MacBook Air. You guys need to innovate now. 1 star is missing as the apple is not innovating in the pace when Steve jobs was alive.
Michael Sayyad
Great experience
Great experience! Great customer service. Try the online chat during the day. best result! night time they are closed so things get routed to India. other companies that I have been with route everything to India. I have transferred and been with they for the past 4 months and so far so awesome :) They have answered and tried to help me in every way. even answered questions that were not related to their hosting or their fault. Previous companies that I were with denied me as soon as the issue was not related to cpanel or their hosting. I LOVE GATOR
Robert Balici
I've been a hostgator client from 2012, few months ago my website was hacked, i didn't get any help from hostgator to get it back, they didn't have any backups (that website was about 4 years old on that server, no backups) i've made the entire website again, was a presentation website + blog (imagine all the work, find all the pictures, text...) And i had 3 of these website on that server, all compromised. All redone. Today i wanted to check something on my website and ...nothing, blank page. Index of /. I was contacting hostgator to ask what happened, where are my files, they don't know, their reply: "I have checked your domain's directory and I see no files in there. May I ask where are your website files located? That was their answear "D'oh!. I was asking for a backup, they have one, but it will cost me $25 to give it to me. Now i'm asking, is not their job, to not get hacked in the first place? And second, they should give that backup archive for free to help their paying customer. For this i'm canceling the account and i will search for a company that values their customers.
Frank Martire
worst ever
I would not use hostgator, their 45 money back is a lie.
Kevin Piunno
Horrible Customer Service, Slow Servers
I was having a very difficult time editing my wordpress website (with minimal plugins installed) - every page took 2-5 seconds to load (in the admin panel) and trying to make edits was a nightmare. I contacted support and the live chat rep was polite but didn't quite understand what I was saying. They escalated the issue and the "linux admin" that replied by email clearly didn't read my concerns. I tried twice to explain the issue of slow loading in the admin panel (their PingDom and Google PageInsights server response time was over 3 seconds and included screenshots and links). They replied with some unreleased image optimization links. I'm pretty sure it was a bot responder, not a real person. I have transferred things over to another host, and the difference is immediately noticeable. On the new host things are lightning fast and the staff was super helpful in helping me migrate my domain and website. Never user HostGator. I hope I can get some of my money back, but since I bought a year subscription I'll probably be out over $200.
madhav kate
Hostgator India become indias 3rd Class Service Pr
I am Using Hostgator from 5 Years. Service was good yet.. Service is Poor and Poor... their is no Speed to Server. Many times 800 Kb Size website is not Opening... Showing Site Can't reach. Now hostgator Service has become Indias badest ( Very Bad ) Service. If we tell Customer Care our problem then they only says at our end your site is Working Fine... Very Very Bad service of Hostgator. Now adays Hostgator India Service goes down. And providing 3rd Class Service. If call to Customer Support team then Not recieving call 20 to 30 min..

If you host your website, the pages load very very slowly. I have just HTML pages and still, they take forever. I ask them to move me to the cloud from WordPress as it is so slow to load, their answer is to sign up for a new plan and forget about the money you paid. I paid for 36 months and you sell me a bad product and now you want me to pay again for the same thing. Can't believe thee people. On top it, Customer service (online chat) wait is approximately 30 minutes and they take 5 minutes for every question and their standard answer is NO. Their attitude sucks. I would stay away from these scam artists.


Hostgator are great they always resolve my problems when I contact them on chat, hosted my account wizzster.com for months, thank you