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Moving on…
I was a Godaddy customer for a number of years. I don't have any major complaints about the company or its services. Ultimately I moved on because they raised their prices steeply on domains. Happier now with Namecheap!
Patrick Schutte
Finally abandoning ship after 20 years…
Finally abandoning ship after 20 years of lies, bad technical performance (if it does work), and a constant upsell process by their "tech support specialists" aka con men and women who are paid handsome commission for selling products consumers don't need. Stay away from this company.
Mark Hayes
Alright hosting
Alright hosting, I tried their hosting but found they wanted more money of me for "more space". I eventually left and now with a much better hosting business
Trusted domain registrar but they…
Trusted domain registrar but they charge extra amount on renewal of domain.
Armando Reyes
Good service
Good service! Use about 2 years. No complaints
Tristan Joe
Great support, responsive and helpful. They gave me a refund for an auto renewal when it was all my fault it renewed still and were extremely polite in doing so.
Divesh Diggiwal
Free Domain + Fastest Hosting at $1/month Really W
I've used GoDaddy WordPress Hosting for one of my blogs and found this hosting Really Amazing. Because I was already doing Blogging So I was so much excited for this new Hosting and I done so many Test(Page Speed, Server Uptime and Support) and the results that I got are really good. I think you should also use GoDaddy Services.
Martin H
Great domain aftermarket
A great range of domain name products and the best aftermarket for newly released domains. Billing can be a bit confusing, but apart form that, they're good.
Cesar Beltran
I finally got around to signing up for GoDaddy’s Deluxe hosting in November 2017. After building a simple WordPress test site, we’ve been monitoring their uptime, performance, and service. I have notice that Deluxe Plan is slow in hosting wordpress website. They change my Plan to deluxe linux hosting. And my wordpress website loads more faster.
Anselm Dästner
godaddy horror
godaddy is hell. suspended sending email because I have 7g of files? so what?, The upgraded plan says unlimited. stay away from that server! I think it's retaliation for getting free https instead of their rip-off yearly plan. But I just paid for too many years in advance :(, contract horror
Lori Yanna
Don't waste your money
Do not use these people. They will continue to hit your credit card to renew the website YEARS after you close it. You can't get your money back either, they will keep telling you it is on auto renew but they will change it. The next year you get billed again and you get to go thru the same crap again.
Rider Rob
Just so shoddy
Got them to build my website and do SEO. Absolutely terrible service. Huge downtime and terrible SEO delivery
Tom Wright
Not bad, could be better
I used GoDaddy to purchase a domani and build a website. I used their web builder service for my first try. It was good, made a beautiful page, but didn't give me the font, color & background options I wanted. Switched to just the domain and it, too, was good. Only problem was when you upload a file it sometimes is available within a couple of hours but it can take as much as 48 hours. When I cancelled out they were very prompt with the refund in full, no questions asked, no pleas to continue. I appreciated that.
Luis Sanchez
They Keep Charging and Charging
The service was cancelled 3 years ago and they still charged me 3 years later for new service even though they knew the service had not been used for 3 years. They also lied to the credit card company. They Lie, Cheat and Humiliate you for a buck.....DONT USE THEM
Mike Witmer
Rip off
Don't get fooled by their sales people! Was promised SEO service and got a lousy business listing.
Steve Jones
Not particularly ethical.
Godaddy is an average domain name and web hosting service, I have quite a few domain names hosted with them but I don’t trust them with hosting a site. They use the annoying tactic of getting you across the line with cheap offers and then once you are with them things get expensive to renew. Plenty of cold calling and not particularly ethical attempts to sign me up for overpriced Microsoft products that I don’t need. Just another average hosting service, I’m sure that I could do better.
Sean Botha
Simply NO
Biggest mistake you will ever make. Bad support bad services and just really unreliable
Jason Love
GoDaddy Web Design Awful
I paid in full for GoDaddy to design a website based on an existing mock-up. Pretty basic stuff. It came back so far off the mark that I requested a refund. GoDaddy said they could refund only a third of the money and encouraged me to stay the course. Their contact team is actually on the ball. The designers, however, couldn't get close after the second round, and now I am left to litigate. I assumed that the designers would be of the same quality as their salespeople.
Jeff Denecamp

They sell you the hosting and name cheap then charge you a fortune for their terrible web editor. It's a huge scam. Go elsewhere.

Corey Spencer

Every single time I call in I get great support. My website up in minutes, my email works, I see myself Google! GoDaddy has been great to me.