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Great experience of hosting better than…
Great experience of hosting better than except, i m using of service for good service provider and fast. it is get more easier plans better than other service provider so please choose and make a tension free website hosting with secure firm.here ia multiple option of plans and easy service can provide. thank you
Daniel Café
Best low cost hosting with Phalcon
this is the best low cost host in my opinion
Alex Man
Support is not good enough
For my case , i have talked to him that my webpage cant be reached since I transfer red NS to hostinger . I fully understand it will take time to refresh but i also request him to check if my DNS record whether is correct or not . You know what , after i removed cname www taitat.com then it just take 5 mins to resume my webpage !!!
Hernan Jesus Valero Pineda
the best experience
the best experience... I like Hostinger, secure and fast
Wonder Opeyemi
My Review
Hostinger remains my best hosting company, they have a good customer support, you can never be lost when even you on on their control panel, their customer supports are there to help you out. i have been using premium hosting plan for a while now and it has been the best, i am planning to buy Business share plan so i can have all access to all their features. i will be happy more if they can bring down their price.
Sathya Naidu
Not getting any Solution
My Domain name is myindiandefence.xyz and the domain is been purchased by me in hostinger.in and currently as I have taken the free hosting plan and I am learning to built the website through WordPress it does not give me option to get publish the website and I have reinstalled the WordPress 2-3 times as I was thinking that there was something wrong from my end but the result is the same.I wanted to up-grade the plan to a paid hosting but the response I am seeing here is not that satisfactory.
Karan Singh
Do not Buy!
For those who have no idea about what hostinger is not good for, I migrated my hosting to their server, after a month I realized the organic traffic (Search Console) from google is not actually showing in Analytics. After further exploring I found hostinger uses some creepy page for users to verify they are human, the page looks so alien that 40% of my organic visitors turned back and I lost a good amount of money. This review is for that creepy page which has given a huge loss to all people who host on Hostinger.
Sean McKeown

I used a Hostinger VPS to run very low resource data collection software. For no reason, Hostinger suspended the account for "excessive use". No notification, no request to lower resource usage. When I contacted them, they lied about the software that was on the VPS, and provided fake utilization statistics. This is a service you cannot count on, and a very dishonest company. Avoid this hosting provider!

Abel Hernández Martínez

I want to congratulate the Hostinger team, everyone who works with dedication and effort deserves recognition. That they recognize you is motivating so that an already excellent team is every time better. Hostinger really has a good graphical interface, it is easy to use, it has excellent technology and regardless of the time it has always given me an immediate solution to concerns. Greetings to all and thank you very much.