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Nelia P.
BlueHost does not stick to their word, avoid at al
"I had 5 websites that were deactivated from BlueHost becasue they claimed that they violated terms of service. I tried to dispute these claims but they make it so hard to contact their team. Also, in an initial email notifying me of the deactivation of my account I was told ""In addition we would like to offer you a full refund for this inconvenience."" and never recieved one. After finally talking to someone from their online chat, they put in a ticket and after 2 days I recieved an email saying that I would not be recieving a refund. I tried to get in touch with them again and they are not responding to me. Don't be fooled by the price, this hosting service is horrible and I wouln't reccommend it to anyone. Avoid this at all costs."
Peter Millar
"Impossible to cancel auto-renew on billings. They break different functions out with separate billings so is is super difficult to close a website without remaining billings Never could get the mail function to work..... after multiple phone calls and a lot of hassle."
Heidi A Tait
Decent Host
I used Bluehost for three years. The only issue that I had with them was that the site was very hard to navigate. I coded my own website, maybe it is easier if you purchase a premade site from one of their vendors. Otherwise, I took no issue with them.
Elizabeth Thomas
Bluehost is Amazing for Blogs!
When I first started my blog, I decided to go with another host first. When they didn't have some features I was looking for, I switched to Bluehost and I'm so glad I did. Bluehost has so many features and the free templates are amazing. There are so many to choose from, some simple and some more comprehensive. Bluehost has made my blogging experience so much more engaging than I imagined. I love that they are indexed through google, so you ultimately get more traffic. Can't go wrong with Bluehost!
Dav Madrigal
Good but not great
I began my foray into self-hosting a WordPress site by following an affiliate link from one of the blogs I frequented and signing up for what seemed like a good deal. Their managed WordPress hosting option gave me all the tools I needed to build a great e-commerce site and grow my online presence. Their customer service was also fine. If I needed help I could call in and have my issue resolved. No complaint on that front. My only problem with them is that after the introductory period is over, they hiked up my yearly fee significantly. Since then I’ve found an equally useful host for my site at a much better price.
Robert Merkt
Free SSL
Free SSL is just what you get. FREE! every 3 months if you are not paying attention your site goes down until you call them and have it fixed which will take another 24 hrs. and this is with a dedicated virtual private server. Can you imagine the cost of the lost business opportunities and trust with this going on? Once my site was down for months before I checked it. I have been told that they are employing "Letsencrypt" that has an auto renew feature in Cpanel. This is their last chance!
What Technical Support?
You get a different person every time you call and none of them can actually help. I purchased SSL, my site was saying we didn't have SSL, called tech support and they couldn't figure it out. On day fourteen of my site saying I don't have SSL. Leaving.
Dora Brown
Bluehost has been the host for my…
Bluehost has been the host for my website since The beginning and has proven to be the best decision made by a clueless digital beginner. Every step of the way I have been supported by an amazing professional, courteous, patient, knowledgeable support team on the phone, on chat. The last two days I have had to transfer my site contents to Bluehost from Wordpress.com which will get its own review. Wordpress exported my site and its contents to my email giving me 7 days to download it. Remember, I am not tech savvy, so I turned called Bluehost chat at dawn yesterday, and spoke to Phillip, who spent the next five hours attempting to assist me. Initially we tried FileZilla but I have a Nemesis who prevented the connection on my side, though support was able to connect. We gave up when his shift ended. Phillip was an example of the best of what Bluehost provides. Since the clock was ticking, early this morning I called chat and Paul was my support, FileZilla had not worked out; Paul patiently, skillfully, all the while giving me a hands on tutorial lesson; walked me through the downloading and eventual importing of my site and files onto my domain. Both gentlemen were professional, patient, understanding and tireless in helping me bring what I regard as my life’s work, home to Bluehost. That is why I give Bluehost and especially those two gentlemen Phillip😍 and Paul😍, 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Paul gave me my Xmas and New Year 🎁 So, from me to Bluehost and everyone there πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸŽ„πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ₯€πŸ₯° Merry Xmas and πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΎπŸ₯‚πŸ»πŸΈπŸ₯ƒπŸ·New YearπŸ₯³
Philip Mayfield
Terrible hosting - Lots of downtime.
Terrible hosting, lots of downtime. Even though I have proof of downtime through UptimeMonitor.com, they claim their server logs don't show the downtime.
Steinar Kolnes
Unless you like to put youself in big trouble
Unless you like to put youself in big trouble, Or you are Fakir of some sort, the short answer is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I have a web sited hosted at Bluehost, not much traffic yet, but an increasing number of subcribers og email news. But so far only 129 subscribers that I am sending out emails to, So then out of the blue,; Bluehost just shut down my whole site, without any prewarning! Accusing me for sending spam out from a php script. But all our 129 subscribers has signed up and verified their accounts. Then at any time, they can unsubscribe. So I wondered if something has been hacked and asked Bluehost to send me ONE example of an spam email. But they could not and intead they came up with all sort of excuses. So I told them, since they have no evidence to show me, just re-activate the account. But the so called support guy told me that I had to remove the Php script first. The php sctipt that send emails: ONLY to 129 pre-registered email accounts. My programmer sits in India, it is nigh and my service is still down. As service I have prepaid, in fact a full year!!! The service guy was like just repeating themself, referring back to "Terms of Service" in an endless loop. So again, STAY AWAY from this company, unless you want your business to be ruined.
Bluehost Fails! Everything Is Beyond Dreadful At T
Dreadful everything at this company! I was with Bluehost from 2012 until today, when I switched my email support etc. I have consistently said to Bluehost reps over the past year, when I encountered issues, that I will be moving my services when I am set to renew. They could care less - even after being a customer of theirs since 2012! For the last few years I have had countless issues to which promises from customer service reps such as notification emails and other information relevant to my account would be forthcoming, but never was. I was told I would be sent emails with the answers that I needed and demanded to know as to why services weren't working, why there are always glitches, why emails are not being sent and received etc. When I am trying to run businesses and emails are just disappearing into the ether and Bluehost says they will resolve the problem but can not provide a time frame... that is unacceptable. I was promised to be told when everything would be fixed on several separate occasions and was never alerted that my lost emails (sent and received) were remedied. I complained that I was paying for a service which is costing me business in lost communications and I wanted compensation for the days my emails were not able to be used due to Bluehost's own issues, not mine. I was told they would elevate my concerns and would receive resolution emails - they never came. Customer service at this company is far below bad and terrible...even far below dreadful! Nothing promised is ever forthcoming and they leave their customers without answers and further treat their customers worse than rabid animals! Bluehost does not provide a service, does not listen to their customers, does not understand half the time what is being said or explained, and then likes to turn responsibility over to other companies such as GoDaddy etc. when in fact Bluehost has the responsibility to take care of their customers and make sure their services are properly working for their paying customers. There is no duty of care provided and the value for money with this company is non-existent. If you value your clients, your emails and the ability to provide your customers with communications that will not be lost into the ether without explanation, do not use this company. If you want to waste money, have terribly service, sometimes no service at all, and don't care about receiving or sending important emails... then use Bluehost. They will take your money and not provide you with service, answers relative to your account or the duty of care paying customers expect and deserve!
Paige Knight
I had a ticket opened for over two…
I had a ticket opened for over two weeks with no resolution. Contacted customer service via chat and they told me that it had been closed. I was never contacted that it had been closed and sent numerous emails asking for an update. The problem was never resolved and every time I have to contact customer service they spend forever to look into the issue all over again. The response time for chat is way too long and I have to spend about an hour every time to get the same answer.
Amy Batty
Spent an hour on live-chat fixing a…
Spent an hour on live-chat fixing a problem and then chat stopped responding...they never followed up. This has happened many times. Please fix the chat
Lauren M
Worst hosting company I have ever used
I have been a bluehost customer for a year. Now, they tell me I cannot auto renew my site. I tried to go online to update billing information and the site keeps giving me an error message telling me to contact support. I tried contacting support but the CSR is both incompetent and illiterate. He cannot understand what is really a very simple issue. He tells me to contact my bank. I try to update my billing information again, and I get the same error message. There is no way to contact support other than "CHAT", which is horrible, or Telephone, which is difficult as I am currently traveling overseas. There is no email support option. This lack of customer service and dissregard for clients is horrible. Bluehost should be ashamed of itself.
Helpful Staff
I switched from Bluehost after one day because I needed an easier platform than WordPress. However, the staff has been very pleasant and accommodating as I made changes back and forth during the switch.
Mikhail Oparin
Terrible. The website doesn't help you to figure out what to do, it only tries to make you to buy more stuff
Please BEWARE of BLUEHOST for your website!
Please BEWARE if you use BLUEHOST for your website! They are not a Customer Service oriented company! Within two weeks, I was tired of the constant problems and wanted them to honor their 30 day guarantee if not satisfied. They were rude and tried to find ways to keep me past the 30 days. Finally only refunding a small portion of my payment. The developers and managers did not do what I asked for my site. The site was never up and functional even though they said it was and when I could reach them they would say oh well we will get right on it. But every day was a new issue with them. In my past I have used Hot Doodle and I loved them for years....it was definitely my mistake for not going back to them when I needed a new website for a new business. I will return to them once I get over the problems I experienced with Bluehost!
Jaya Griscom

Hard to use. Hard to get support. Misleading refund policy. I wouldn't recommend them.


I have used Bluehost for over five years now. Only one time I had an issue, and they fixed it extremely fast and was very concerned. I would recommend Blue Host highly.