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Company Name GreenGeeks InMotion Hosting
Starting price 217.78/mo 183.81/mo
User Ratings
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Latest positive review

I've been with Green Geeks for years. I am happy they are offering a eco friendly hosting service.

I’m not a web expert, but I run a bunch of sites with Wordpress. And every time I need help, when I am at the edge of my abilities, I just reach out and they make it happen so fast. So far, SO GOOD :)

- Dylan Bakker

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I found their support team members to be very helpful when I ask for help. Even when the question is a technical one that have to be routed to Technical Support, they make the inquiry process a pleasant one.

- O. Coursolle
Latest negative review

Service is extremely poor. You will not have access to your account information: knowing when things expire, the ability to turn off auto renew, etc. Everything is done via ticket and when there is an issue, especially when it comes to billing, they will do nothing to assist - merely redirect you to a long list of terms and conditions.

Better to keep looking for another hosting option if you want transparency and support in the real time.

- Virginia M.
Pathetic excuse for a hosting company
After 8 support chats and 2 phone calls trying to troubleshoot an issue that was preventing 3 sites from loading on apple devices, I was told time and time again that it was a cache/wordpress/theme issue. I spent over 12 hours of my own time to determine what the problem was, not including all the time spent on chat with them. The issue stemmed from their SSL and NGINX setup. While I don't pretend to know everything about either of those, I do expect "technical support" to. I was told that their tech supports don't have much expertise in the way of apple devices or NGINX and that's why they weren't able to help. So basically they left it up to me to find out what was wrong with our sites because of their ineptitude in technology that they sell. I've since told them that I'm cancelling my hosting account as of december after I asked for a discount on my next renewal for all the trouble I had to go through (doing their jobs for them) and was subsequently told that they don't give out discounts for poor technical support/customer service.
- Jonathan Brown
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Get the deadlocked comparison between your favorite web hosting companies.

Find the cost offered, coupons available, features provided and read all the reviews about the companies. Know the rating of the reliability, user-friendly, support and features to make the best purchase decision of the web host for you.

How Do You Need to Choose A Web Hosting Service?


Know Your Own Hosting Needs

Before selecting any hosting company or the type of hosting, first understand the purpose of buying hosting. Are you a web designer/ developer at a learning stage, looking out for the hosting service to host the website just to learn its working? Then, you can choose the lowest price hosting provider who can satisfy your purpose. Or, are you looking for the professional website to host? Then, you must understand the depth of your work and select the host provider as per your usage. For small to medium scale business websites, one should go for the VPS or dedicated server. Cloud hosting is very useful for the high-scale business websites which get high traffic on daily basis.


Disk Storage and Bandwidth

Disk storage depends on the amount of content like images, videos, files, databases, emails, etc used on your website.

Bandwidth describes the level of traffic and amount of data that can be transferred between your site, users and the internet.

Most of the companies like MilesWeb, Bluehost, Hostgator,etc. can provide you with all the best bandwidth space at affordable prices.


Server Uptime Record

The server uptime decides the visibility of your website on the internet. Due to the traffic spikes, malware and hackers attacks, data center problems,etc. the server may show less uptime. A 99% uptime means 14.4 minutes (per day) of website downtime. The seconds of downtime can hamper your website performance. So, try to choose the provider that offers the Uptime above 99%.

Sr. No. Uptime Downtime/day
1 99.5% 7.2 mins
2 99.8% 2.88 mins
3 99.9% 1.44 mins
4 99.95% 43.2 seconds

Multiple Add-on Domains

Add-on domain is a fully functioning domain that is created from within your control panel. That means the multiple hosting packages will share the same control panel and server and it allows you to create email, forwarders, etc.

Similarly, you can add multiple Add-on domains. What happens while creating an add-on domain?

(i) A folder in the public_html directory is created.

(ii) A subdomain gets created for the primary domain and it is attached to the new folder.

(iii) A domain is attached with the subdomain.


Server Upgrade Options

The upgradation depends on the traffic your website gets. If at the start when you were not sure about the performance of your site and you had purchased shared hosting then, after some time period, your website might perform slowly due to increased traffic. Hence, you can upgrade it to VPS or dedicated server. When you observe that the traffic to your website is increasing or may be you are falling shortage of resources. You get the choice to upgrade the server as per your needs and wants.


Email Accounts

Having an email account with your domain name looks more professional.

e.g., if you bake cakes and run business with the name lavender cakes then, email accounts of different departments should be related to it.

(i) [email protected]

(ii) [email protected]

Likewise, you can create multiple email accounts with one hosting plan.


Live Chat Support

Live chat support gives you the immediate results. Mostly, those people who are really interested in your products ask questions on chat support. Answering them, then and there can convert them into your customers within a few minutes.