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Karam Turki
Excellent hosting
Excellent hosting , speed with reliability with great tech support , so what we need more !
Richard Neuman
Simply the best for us
We are s Studio focusing on the creation and sales of my artwork internationally. Whenever an occasion arises when technical questions concerning our internet website go beyond our expertise, we know we can always rely on fast courteous and helpful service from inmotion hosting. We have been a customer for many years and they have never failed us. I would not hesitate in recommending them for your business also. Richard Neuman, artist
Rodney Little
Trusted partner
I have been a customer of inmotion hosting for almost 10 years. They have given me no reason to consider looking for another provider. They have great customer service, reasonable prices as well as great hosting environment options.
IM Tanuki
InMotion wins the prize for sleaze. I called with presales questions to see about migrating from another hosting service. Over the course of 3 calls, different sales rep told me: shared hosting supports self-hosted videos (THEY DON'T), GB18030 char set is supported on MariaDB (IT'S NOT), they already support WordPress 5.0 (IT'S STILL IN BETA) and that Oracle purchased MariaDB and will end-of-life MySQL (HUH?). What a bunch of sleazy clowns.
Alexander A
Openly Host Abuse/Brush off complaints
I emailed these guys called them and after all my complaints it got nowhere.. I had to report the site to google's domain registrar so be weary with these guys they openly host abusive content and brush off complaints like their nothing AVOID THIS HOST. They get into illegal and dodgy business behind closed doors.
A. Silva
Avoid InMotion shared servers time out after 4 min
Avoid, InMotion shared servers time out after 4 minutes. The email clients they provide Horde, Round & Squirrel are substandard. I have a single website and it I for information only. I don't do any business on my website. I get occasional emails through my website from legitimate inquirers. (Currently, with InMotion I also get a lot of spam emails.) My prior website host was GoDaddy and I sent and received all client communications through GoDaddy. I've had a lot of problems with InMotion - emails being rejected by other email clients, InMotion emails disappearing, serious formatting glitches so my emails are sent scrambled. But, the biggest dissatisfaction is having the server time out after 4 minutes (or less) and being kicked off and data lost without warning. If you switch screens to get some information to use, it will also kick you off. I was told to use a different email client - like Thunderbird or Outlook. They say Horde, Round & Squirrel were only provided as a courtesy- not really intended to be relied upon. I am told if I don't want to get kicked off, to purchase a VPS package. I read reviews about this packages and see that others complain of data losses, outages, etc. So, when my subscription expires, I'll find a different host.
Kris Mertens
Horrible helpdesk
I have been hosting several sites on InMotion for several years. Their uptime is great. However, their support is simply useless. It takes days and sometimes weeks before you receive an answer. That's not what you would expect from such an expensive hosting service.
Farhan Sidiqui
Excellent Service
Excellent Service I have a dedicated server with them as when it comes to customer service they are awesome. You can access them on Skype, Website Live Chat, Phone and email. They are going to solve your problem no matter how long it takes.
Jonathan Brown
Pathetic excuse for a hosting company
After 8 support chats and 2 phone calls trying to troubleshoot an issue that was preventing 3 sites from loading on apple devices, I was told time and time again that it was a cache/wordpress/theme issue. I spent over 12 hours of my own time to determine what the problem was, not including all the time spent on chat with them. The issue stemmed from their SSL and NGINX setup. While I don't pretend to know everything about either of those, I do expect "technical support" to. I was told that their tech supports don't have much expertise in the way of apple devices or NGINX and that's why they weren't able to help. So basically they left it up to me to find out what was wrong with our sites because of their ineptitude in technology that they sell. I've since told them that I'm cancelling my hosting account as of december after I asked for a discount on my next renewal for all the trouble I had to go through (doing their jobs for them) and was subsequently told that they don't give out discounts for poor technical support/customer service.

Really sucks. Have been with them for a year and experienced a lot of downtime.

O. Coursolle

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I found their support team members to be very helpful when I ask for help. Even when the question is a technical one that have to be routed to Technical Support, they make the inquiry process a pleasant one.