Reseller Hosting – The Best Way to Start a Web Hosting

Planning to start a web hosting business then make a way with reseller hosting. This is the only web hosting solution that allows you to be “your own boss” with no time. If you are holding good experience in web hosting industry and planning to start your own web hosting business then reseller hosting is the way that will help you to be the boss. Apart from this, reseller hosting is also applicable for web designers and web developers or anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Let’s take a look on how reseller hosting will help you to start a web hosting business.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting allows the business owners to utilize the resources of a parent web hosting company and sell them under their own brand. You get clients for your brand. In reseller hosting, under one master account, you can create a shared hosting environment, in which, multiple accounts are hosted on the server under your observation. It’s you who will decide the name of the server, plans and pricing of hosting solution.

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Why choose Reseller Hosting?

An ultimate aim of buying the reseller hosting is to start a web hosting business. It will eliminate many parameters that will make easy for an individual to focus on their web hosting business. Such parameters are heavy investment and server maintenance. These two are the major parameters that will distract the reseller’s focus but fortunately, those are eliminated. You get a chance to set your own brand name and logo by utilizing the white label feature. As said above, a server is managed under your observation that also allows creating a customer database and adding new hosting subscriptions as per the demand. In case, you want to host unlimited websites then reseller hosting is the ideal solution.

How does this work?

You can set up a web hosting business easily with less investment and basic hosting knowledge with reseller hosting. This is because you buy a web hosting service from the parent web hosting provider and rent out a portion with necessary resources like bandwidth, space and other resources. Here, you act as a retailer who bridges the gap between the manufacturer and end user.

With reseller hosting, you can design several hosting accounts under one account. Once accounts are created, those can be sold to the end users or clients. However, the profit margin is included in the plans that are designed by you. As the customers increase, it will affect the profit also.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

• As mentioned above, if you have experience of web hosting or web design, reseller hosting will assist you to serve a full plan of website solution right from building a website to hosting it on the internet.
• Just by financing a small amount of money you can earn maximum revenue.
• You can build your own hosting business and sell your web hosting services under your own brand name and logo. In short, your web hosting provider name will be hidden.
• Server management is the responsibility of the web hosting provider. Therefore, no technical skills or additional server maintenance cost are needed to begin your reseller hosting business.
• Being a web hosting provider, you become a one-shop solution for your clients.
• Being a reseller, you can develop long lasting relations with your small clients. This will result in developing the trust and increasing the profit in the business.
• You can begin with a small or basic plan and as your business expands, you can upgrade as per the demand.

Dis-advantage of Reseller hosting

• If you are starting with a small team then you need to increase the manpower, when your business grows in future.
• In comparison to shared hosting, reseller hosting plans are bit costlier. But in future, you can cover your investment cost by selling maximum hosting accounts to clients.

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Handpicked Tips for Successful Reseller Hosting Business

1. Study Hosting Industry:

Due to tough competition in the web hosting industry, it has become tough to select a web hosting provider. Therefore, it is suggested to study the hosting market before starting as a reseller.

2.Select the Reseller Plan:

After studying the customer requirements, tally every factor like how many accounts you need and based on that select the reseller plan. Moreover, if you’re getting maximum features then opt for that web hosting provider.

3.Select a Business Name:

Selecting a proper business name will help people to recognize your brand. In case, you are working as a web designer or developer then you can start a web hosting business under your existing brand. If not, then buy a new domain and register the same for reseller business.

4. Introduce your business:

After creating a website, the next step is to introduce your website on the server to make it globally available.

5. Set Price of Hosting Plans

Carefully study the competitors’ plans and then decide the price of hosting plans. Make sure that you are including your profit in the plan.

6. Configure the Accounting System:

Configure the automatic billing system like WHMCS to get the orders from the clients even, if you are offline. WHMCS will help you to cut down the steps of manually generating the bills, sending invoices and support tickets’ request handling. It is the best software that is used by most of the web hosting providers to receive the payment digitally.

7. Design Hosting Plans:

WHM helps to design plans, cPanel accounts and assign it to your customers. Furthermore, study the exact need of the client’s website and allocate the resources as per the requirement. You can increase or decrease the plans in future if needed.

Final Verdict:

Reseller hosting is the easiest way to enter into the web hosting industry. This eliminates the work of buying or selling and managing the datacenter. You only need to rebrand the service and sell under your own name. Hence, a web hosting provider is ultimately responsible for managing all the issues on your behalf. Their support staff will help you to sort your queries. So, without any restriction start your own web hosting business with reseller hosting.