How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan for Your Website?

To take your website online globally you need web hosting and domain service. Once your domain and web hosting provider is finalized then the next step is to select a web hosting plan to host your website or blog. Being a buyer, you face many questions like which provider is best, which plan is best to host website and what features you should consider, etc. This may happen because web hosting provider offers plenty of services right from domain to web hosting. From that wide range of services selecting a right web hosting plan would be a challenging job, right?

Types of web hosting plans

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the ideal solution for new website owners that are starting their new website or blog. Click To TweetIt is an easy and affordable plan that performs well for a small website with moderate traffic. Always buy the plan where you get a chance to upgrade it in future.

  • Reseller Hosting

In reseller hosting, you buy reseller hosting service from one of the reputed web hosting providers and you resell the hosting resource of parent web hosting company as a reseller. You can easily set up your own brand under this plan. In this type of hosting solution, you rent the server space and resources to various users are hosting their websites. It is an affordable way to start your own business without investing a big amount. Click To Tweet If you are a developer or designer and looking to start something new apart from designing then this plan is perfect for you.

  • VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, you get more security, resources and freedom to access your website without any hassles. Click To TweetHere, you get a separate a server that allows you to operate the website from every aspect. It is perfect for websites like video and audio streaming, gaming, e-commerce, etc. VPS hosting provides more flexibility and scalability.

  • Dedicated Hosting

In this type of hosting environment, you get a complete server where you can manage everything from your end. This is ideal for websites that receives heavy traffic and store confidential data. Click To TweetIf you are operating big websites that requires a significant amount of storage space then go for dedicated hosting environment.

  • WordPress Hosting

Today, the blog is trending and that is why most of the websites include blog section on their website or blog. If your website is ready then you can add WordPress blog that has intuitive back – end that makes it easy for website owners to manage everything. If you are a blogger and want to start a blog then look no further than WordPress hosting. Click To Tweet

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most superior type of hosting environment that provides amazing speed. Click To Tweet If your website loads slowly due to heavy traffic then the cloud is the best solution that you can consider for your website. Here, you get eligible for features like automatic scaling of resources, pay per usage and speed, etc. In case, your website experiences a sudden spike in traffic then cloud allows you to manage the resources accordingly.

  • Business Hosting

It is yet another hosting environment that you can consider to host your website to experience great performance. If you are an owner of the eCommerce website then opt for business hosting where you get cloud infrastructure and plenty of add-ons included in the plan. Click To Tweet

5 factors that your web hosting plan should includes

1) A reliable server

You are giving all your time and efforts just to design a website that will display strong appearance worldwide. If your user is not able to reach on your website because of any technical error then why are you paying to your web hosting provider? The best web hosting provider commits to offer maximum uptime of 99.9%, 99.95, etc. If you are getting this mentioned uptime then only you can consider that web hosting provider.

2) Compatibility with your web design needs

If you are buying a web hosting plan then it is necessary to check which software or operating systems your plan is supporting. In short, you should check the compatibility of software like WordPress, PHP, Ruby on Rails or some other particular website software.

3) Capacity to handle the amount of traffic

Driving traffic on the website is one of the tough jobs that blog owner has to work on. For a new website, you don’t need to worry about this part because it takes time to build up traffic. Generally, a shared hosting plan is able to handle the traffic of 30k to 40k monthly without much issue. But what if you experience heavy traffic? In such a case, you will need to upgrade your plan to serve that higher traffic.

4) Cost you can afford

As I said before, shared hosting is best for the static website because of its price. But if your budget is tight and not able to bear the cost then compare the hosting plans and choose wisely. This is because you can invest in what you can afford. Though plans are expensive but some providers offer quality at less price and less price doesn’t mean cheap. You can check the coupon and deal sites, review sites, Facebook’s group of web hosting providers to know the best deal.

5) Quality, accessible and customer service

No matter you are a newbie or professional designer, you need a support service to clear your any query, right? Similarly, if you are not getting fulfilled then you are trusting a wrong web hosting provider. Always get a web hosting provider that is committed to offer 24*7*365 days support service, because the issue will not ask your support time before knocking your door. It will happen at any time, right? Therefore, carefully research the support time and mediums of connecting to your web hosting provider.

Add – ons that needs to be considered in your plan

Finalizing a web hosting provider along with the plan is one of the hectic jobs that buyer usually faces. But comparing the features will be more interesting, worth and can be the deciding factor. Have a look on factors that you need to consider in your plan.

  • Website builder

  • Free domain

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Free SpamExperts

  • Bandwidth

  • Easy migration

  • Easy cPanel

  • Site backup

  • Software compatibility

  • Discount

  • Sitelock

  • Datacenter choice

  • SSD disk space

  • LiteSpeed web server

  • Instant chat response

  • Support in local language

  • Cloudflare CDN

  • Malware scan and removal. Etc.

Wrapping up

Ah!! After reading such a long article, we assume that you will now know how to select a web hosting plan for your blog or website. If you need more help then initiate a chat with your web hosting provider and ask for the suggestion. Take time to select but select wisely because it is a onetime decision that will help you to take your business to next level.