A Complete Guide to Earn Money With Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Ever came across some bloggers who constantly tell you how they made money online? Well, that isn’t a hoax. People do make money online with the help of affiliate programs available online. You too must have been asked to join some good web hosting affiliate programs.

Have you ever thought about it? If not, you definitely should!

It obviously makes sense as people are really making a huge profit through it. Just by getting commission and incentives through promoting various web hosting companies like DreamHost, MilesWeb, SiteGround, BlueHost and more you can earn as well.

Majority of web hosting companies have got an affiliate program which is easy to join. If you are a blog owner with a relevant niche like web hosting, website designing, website development, blogging, SEO or so on, these affiliate programs can help you earn more than what you ever imagined.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program- How Does it Work?

It’s similar to that of any other affiliate programs on the internet. You need to promote the web hosting plans or any offers that they are running and place their links somewhere in the text/ banners. These links will redirect to their respective websites.

Once your website visitor purchases web hosting service from this link, you receive your share of commission based on their commission rate for affiliate programs. This commission is usually very high with such programs.

Going further, we will take a glimpse of how to make a good amount of profit with these web hosting affiliate programs and we will also advise you some great affiliate programs that you can join.

How Much Can you Earn Through Web Hosting Affiliate?

Affiliate programs by web hosting companies offer a good amount of payouts for a new sale/customer. The basic amount that you can begin with is Rs.1000 per commission and as your sale increases, you can earn up to Rs.40,000 or even more.

The more the number of sales in a month, the higher rate of commission you get for each sale. In fact, some affiliate programs also offer two-tier commission, means you get those commissions too which are made by people you referred.

“How come these companies manage to pay such huge commissions? Is it affordable to them?” Is this question on your mind? Here’s the logic- Paying commission is affordable to them because you have referred a customer to them which will stay for long term and pay recurring fees for web hosting service.

The Benefit of Joining Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

It’s clearly observed that most of the businesses are moving online to grow their sales. With the growing need of website these days, web hosting is certainly the next demand of any online business.

This means there are many people that are looking out for web hosting services, you just need a strategy to catch their attention and provide them with what they need. You can also offer them some great deals that will encourage them to buy web hosting service through your link.

It’s totally up to you how you reach them and influence them to buy the service with your reference. You can make use of social media platforms to promote the deals that you are offering.

Thus, with the demand of websites, the demand for web hosting also upsurges. People definitely do a bit of research before buying any service online. And when they search for this information through your article and find the service worth, they are likely to buy it using your affiliate link. As a result, you will earn good commissions every month.

What Niche Shall Your Blog Have for a Web Hosting Affiliate?

It’s not necessarily important to buy a domain that has “hosting” word in it. You can buy any domain of your choice, what matters is, the categories you include on your blog. If you share any random information like entertainment, news, lifestyle, beauty, photography etc. your visitors may find it difficult to trust the information you share. Here are some niches that can help you get better results:

  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Programming Languages
  • Blogging
  • Coding Tips and Tricks
  • Tutorials/ Templates
  • Themes
  • WordPress Platform
  • Internet Technology

How to Promote Any Web Hosting Service on Your Blog?

Here are some tips that can be used to promote a web hosting affiliate program:

Complete Review:

Write a complete review article with complete technical details so that it helps your audience to learn about the service. Ensure that you write a detailed review of the respective web hosting company so that your audience doesn’t have to go searching for any other details on the internet. This can even lead to losing your potential leads. Do include some strong reasons why you recommend that service. Avoid any fake reviews of marketing stunts. Only provide genuine feedback and reviews about the service.

Add Banners/ Links:

Most of the affiliate programs offer banner ads and text links so that you can include them on your blog. Banners/images are more appealing than a common text in blog/ article.

Discount Coupons:

Several web hosting companies offer great deals to increase their sales. Monitor their website for all the latest coupons and as soon as you find some good deals, do include them on your blog for your readers, or through emails/newsletters or social media. For discounts with longer duration, you can put a banner on your blog for a few days.

Custom Discount Coupons:

You can also get custom hosting discounts from your affiliate provider which will help you increase your sales. A custom coupon will include a coupon code that is related to brand name and some special discount. You can promote these custom coupons on your blog/website. This strategy will attract your visitors and encourage them to buy the service.

Hosting Comparison:

Take any two/three web hosting companies and write down a comparison that helps your visitors to pick the best one. Write an honest comparison and not the biased one.

What are Some Popular Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

There are many web hosting companies that provide free sign-up for their affiliate programs. If you try to find on the internet you can figure out if a specific web hosting company offers an affiliate program.

You can also take the help of affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank, CJ, etc. to find out the most advantageous web hosting affiliate programs. But my personal recommendation is to directly join their affiliate programs through their official website.

Try MilesWeb, DreamHost, HostGator, Bigrock, WP Engine affiliate program to start with. All of these web hosting programs are dependable and provide good commission rates.

Wrapping Up

All this sounds interesting? Then you should probably join affiliate programs and start making money as this is one of those ways that can fill in your bank account with little efforts. To begin with, start with one such affiliate program and see the results. Undoubtedly you won’t regret.