Enhance Domain Security

12 Easy Tactics To Enhance Your Domain Security

The domain gives identity to your business and one shall always uplift one’s business identity. If you think the same, then you can understand the importance of enhancing your domain security. Though we know that every network is situated separately that has different security domain. Then why the Domain Security still plays an important role?

Domain Security is an application or collection of applications that are trusted by everyone as a security token for authentication, authorization or session management. That means, it is a security token that is issued, once the user has authenticated with the valid user ID and password.

The important factor that a search engine takes into consideration while determining the website’s ranking is Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a website metric that ranges from 0 to 100 and applies to all websites. It works in the fashion as like the higher website Domain Authority, better are the chances of getting a higher rank on the search engine. Thus, there are chances of getting your domain stolen and the better option is to add an additional protection layer rather than feeling oops!

Why do you need to Secure Domain?

If you love your brand and its 100% security matters to you, then Domain Security is a thing for you. Make your legal and IT teams strict about the domain name security and trademark, by protecting it from any of the virtual threats. Unsecured domain names are more prone to hijack as hackers can easily get access to the confidential information present on it.

In this article, we are going to understand easy methods that help you to increase Domain Security.

Easy tactics –

1) Make sure your Domain Name is registered with your Account :

Make it a priority to register your domain with your name and other identities that will help you to become the sole owner of the domain. This way you will become the registrant which is an actual and legal owner of the domain and also your trusted employees can be listed as administrative staff with the rightful authority, once you amend all the domain records. You can also list technical contacts who will be addressing all the technical issues related to a domain name. You can share access with your trusted employees, without even providing the actual access!

2) Register with Reliable Hosting :

Reliable Hosting

There’s a high possibility of domain theft, if you are using free hosting and as well register a domain from them. Also, there’s a risk of hacking your website with all the confidential information. To avoid any such situation make sure that your hosting provider is reliable.




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3) A Strong Password is Necessary :

Before moving further make sure that you protect your account with a very strong password. Form a password that is beyond anyone’s guess or imagination, making it impossible to hack. You can use a password manager for it.

4) Apply Password Updates and Complexity :

Weak passwords are easy to decode and are easily prone to mishaps. To prevent any such incident, it is a good idea to update your passwords regularly with alphanumeric characters. Make sure some policies enable you to update password regularly.

5) Manage your Domain :

It is always a good practice to use your domain rights by yourself. But in case, if you have assigned a third party to take your domain’s responsibilities then make sure you retain the access back. Because it contains most of the domain-related services like management service, activation/deactivation of services, domain hosting services, etc.

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6) Manage your Website :

Before giving accesses to anyone to modify and upload website elements, think twice if you trust that person. Be very careful before taking any such step as the access can be easily broken using control panel. More limitation to the access according to the need of the employee helps you to maintain control over the management of the website.

7) Activate Two-Factor Authentication :

Two-Factor Authentication

There is always a fear that a hacker may enter into your account even though it is protected with a strong password. So, to be 100% sure, you should enable two-factor authentication that adds a security layer to your domain. Once you have activated two-factor authentication, you will be notified on your smart device automatically that someone has entered a password and accessed your account. Thus, it becomes easy for you to keep track of your account.


8) Data Loss Prevention :

It is the responsibility of an administrator to identify the sensitive documents that are shared unnecessarily and stop further sharing. They can be company documents, personal documents, domain purchased documents and could be in hardcopy or softcopy format, the protection shall always be the priority. You can secure documents in the soft-copy format by using special tools that are designed for the same purpose.

9) Email Address Protection :

Precautions shall be taken to safeguard your email address, especially, that is linked to your account. If it gets leaked to some unknown who could easily retain the information from all valuable accounts then it can be harmful to you. Thus, email protection is very important to you.

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10) Manage Mobile Devices :

Mobile phone usage is increasing day by day at a rapid rate, as everyone spends most of their time on the mobile device. Most of the time, this device is used to maintain the space between personal and work data. Applications offering Mobile Device Management are in very much demand as it protects your data from any kind of loss.

11) Be alert about Phishing Attempts :

It becomes very difficult to keep a close watch on your account all the time, by engaging yourself in sophisticated methods that help you to gain access to all your accounts. Be alert before you click on a link that asks for your username and password.

12) Detect Last Login and Suspicious Activities :

Adopt the applications that will alert you about the suspicious activity that is carried on your account. This will allow you to know when and from which device your account has been accessed, also it allows users to access data from any device and location and let’s you know if the login details are correct.

A domain represents your brand and its security lies in your hand.

Conclusion :

All the above-mentioned tactics will surely enhance your domain security, if you care for it. Always remember to keep the login details and domain documents very safe from the ones whom you don’t trust.