Learn How to Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

If you compare any business with reseller hosting then you’ll notice that reseller hosting is an easy business that anyone can begin. In reseller hosting, you only need to focus on ideas rather than spending time on developing the server infrastructure and monitoring the same.

After setting up your reseller hosting business, the next step is to get customers for your web hosting business. This is because if you’re failing to grab the customers then your business is of no use. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn marketing tips to market your reseller hosting business. Check below the handpicked tips to market your reseller hosting business.

1. Consider Your Blog


The first and basic step is to consider the blog for the effective success of your reseller hosting business. You as a business owner should not forget that “Content Is The King”.  It’s necessary to set up an informative and attractive blog by adding the content related to your niche. This will increase the engagement rate on your blog.

If a visitor likes your article then he/she will comment on it and share it on their social media network. This will boost your brand awareness and people will start knowing your business. Along with the blog, you can also add FAQ section where you can highlight the customers’ questions.

2. Google Adwords

If you’re newly starting your web hosting business then you must not be aware of SEO. In such a case, you can consider Google Adwords to rank your website on search engine results. Google offers multiple ranges of services that too paid and free for targeting a particular product or service. It’s a good option and less expensive. Plus, if you’re going to target the particular product or keyword that has less competition then you will rule on the search engine results. It’s suggested to study the Google Adwords thoroughly, before implementing it in your business.

3.Referral / Affiliate Program

After signing up for reseller hosting, you’ll get permission to operate your WHMCS as your billing software. WHMCS by default consists of affiliate and referral systems. This will allow you to develop a competitive referral program, and you can also ask your customers to refer more customers. It is also available for free of cost and less expensive than Google Adwords.  It also has better reach and it’s considered by most of the bloggers and promoters for promotion purpose.

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4. Customer Reviews

It is a universal fact that a buyer refers to multiple reviews before buying any service or product. This is because a buyer gives priority to testimonials that describe your business in a better way. Never forgot to feature the reviews of existing customers or testimonials on your website. Additionally, you can also promote your business on online reviews site by developing the business profile.

5. Social Media

Social media websites are the best platforms for advertising the business. Select the best social media platforms that suit your business and create a business page on those websites. Your job doesn’t end here, you need to post updates on a regular basis for better engagement purpose. Make it attractive by posting updates like blog posts, links of other articles, eye catchy images, videos, infographics, offers and discounts, etc. Also, use other important features like polls or question-answer type post for better engagement purpose.

6. Search Engine Optimization


SEO is one term that is used to drive genuine traffic on the website and getting your website on top in search engine rankings. Based on a content post your updates using relevant keywords on which you’re working and try to get high-quality backlinks using these SEO activities. This will bring your website on top in search engine results and increase your customer base too.

7. Work on Local Search

It is very well said that first convert your local audience into potential customers and after that consider any other area. First, create brand awareness in your city and country instead of targeting any other geographical location.

You can also design the website in your language for easy communication with the local audience. However, you can add a multi-lingual website through your control panel. In case, if your preferred language is not available in the control panel then you can access the same in the English language as well.

Majority of the business owners and vendors search for the local business partners for expanding the business easily. You can be one of the vendors of their local web hosting solution provider.

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8. Understand Your Customers

Being a reseller hosting provider, it’s necessary to know your customers and their demands. Make sure which type of audience you’re are planning to target like for example; small businesses, startups, bloggers, web developers or large organizations. Therefore, it’s essential to plan the marketing strategies as per the type of customers’ requirements that you’re targeting.

Final Words

Reseller hosting is the most sold service in the web hosting industry. That is why it needs to be promoted properly in the market. Follow all the above-highlighted pointers to promote your reseller hosting business on various platforms easily. No matter what is the size of your business, if you continue working on your brand representation then you will get the best returns.