What you need to know about Shared Hosting?

Nowadays deciding which type of hosting best suits to your hosting needs is very difficult. This is a crucial decision as it will affect how your business will run on the web space in the future. So, before calling the sales department or raising a ticket to the support department of any web hosting provider to ask regarding above confusion, just have a look at the guidelines and tips that will be beneficial for you to know about shared hosting. Shared hosting is basically used to share the same resources in one server. Resources means the total space, the memory, the processor speed, as well as the bandwidth. It is just like you rent a room with a few other roommates. Price is the major concern in this case and the same thing is applicable to the hosting industry.

Shared hosting is a reasonable type of hosting as compared to other types of web hosting. There are several web hosting companies that provide hosting services with different pricing and different set ups and configurations. In the shared hosting, one server is parted in to hundreds of partitions which are used by hundreds of websites. Moreover, all the factors based on a server like operating system, disk space, random access memory (RAM), central processing unit (CPU), are used commonly by all websites, also bandwidth plays an important factor from webmasters perspective.

Shared hosting is widely used in the form of cPanel hosting. The main reason behind the same is that, it comes with a control panel which is used to control email accounts, database, FTP, sub domains, website’s statistics, etc. All the mentioned features play an important role in reviewing your website performance and direction of progress that it is doing. The cPanel is a type of hosting which is a blessing for such webmasters who has a tight and limited budget for the conduction of their online operations. This type of hosting is majorly considered as a perfect choice for new blogs. The reason for this is, these type of blogs do not contain any heavy data such as videos, audios, and other flash object which comparatively need higher amount of bandwidth.

In shared hosting plan, you can choose either of the operating system from Linux operating system and Windows operating system. If you compare both the operating systems for shared hosting plan then you’ll come to know that Linux shared hosting is a little bit cheaper than Windows shared hosting, as the Linux is a free open source platform. In addition, Linux hosting is capable of using system resources in better manner than Windows shared hosting.

There are plenty of web hosting providers out there in an online market from which you can choose anyone of them according to your business niche or website requirements. If you’re a newbie, individual, SME, student or a blogger and looking to host your startup website with appropriate resources then shared hosting plan is the ultimate option for you. However, with the cheapest shared hosting plan, you’ll be getting quality of services with striking features like professional email accounts, site builder tool, SSL certificate, cPanel, SSD disk space storage, etc.

Apart from this, you can also have unlimited resources for your websites along with the benefit of a free domain. The shared hosting plan is mainly recommended for the student, personal and hobby websites or for those who’re newbie in the web hosting industry. In addition, if you are looking to host your small business, blog or portfolio website then you should go for the shared hosting plan. The main reason why shared hosting is so cheap is that, all the resources get shared with other websites on a single shared server. And because multiple websites are hosted on a single hosting server, the cost gets divided amongst the users.

The benefits of shared hosting are as follows:

  • Low cost

  • Good server administration

  • Multiply email, MySQL, PHP support

  • You dont need any technical knowledge of web site and server administration

The features of Linux shared hosting are as follows:

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Free site builder

  • Pure SSD storage

  • cPanel control panel

  • One-click install

  • Latest PHP and MySQL

  • Choose your data center

  • Affordable price

  • Free website migration

  • Resource protection

  • Jailed shell SSH

  • Scalability

Moreover, you can easily install various applications such as WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, phpBB, Joomla, etc. You can also install the addons as per your business niche or website requirements.

The types of add-ons that you can install for your website if you’re working under shared hosting environment are as below:


  • Website backup and restore:

The website backup and restore add-on allows you to keep your files secured. All the important website files, folders, databases and emails backup will be maintained on cloud platform.

  • Web application firewall:

Web application firewall constantly monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic to your web server.

  • SpamExperts:

In web hosting, security is the major concern. And that is why you need ensure about all your email accounts that will remain secured with SpamExperts add-on. You can easily filter all your incoming emails just by installing SpamExperts add-on.

  • SiteLock Basic:

You can easily protect your website with SiteLock basic add-ons with a 360 degree security scanning of the website, which scans thoroughly for malware, or any harmful infections. The mentioned add-on additionally checks your websites health to make sure it stays off from Google’s black lists.

  • Analytics and webmasters:

To analyse your websites overall performance including website traffic and specific information you can use Google’s powerful tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster. The Google Analytics not only shows the website traffic but also the statistics of total visits, average time on site and bounce rate. When you opt for shared hosting you don’t need to worry about possible server problems. The web hosting company should be capable enough to fix all the trouble. So, while choosing a shared hosting plan you must carefully look at the hosting company’s support quality, the better quality support-the better conditions for your website.

If you’re newbie in the web hosting industry and want to grow your business then you must go through this article to know more about shared hosting for your business.