A Beginner’s Guide On cPanel Web Hosting

If you study in depth then you’ll come to know that every minute 380 new websites are developed. I know you will not digest this sentence but this is somehow true.  This indicates that web hosting and web development industry is simultaneously growing.

Due to this, many web hosting companies are getting launched every day. This has created heavy competition among web hosting providers.

But selecting a web hosting provider is the second step. The first step is to select the type of web hosting for your business website. It can be the shared, dedicated, VPS, WordPress, cloud and other application – based hosting.

In this article, you’ll learn about the famous hosting type that is cPanel hosting which is used by many professionals.

What is cPanel Hosting?


A control panel that allows the website owner to manage their Linux – based hosting service is known as cPanel. The main advantage of cPanel is that even non- technical people can also manage the complete web hosting easily. You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate the cPanel. Plus, it’s useful for managing the everyday tasks right from the administration and management.

Most of the web professionals opt for cPanel web hosting as things are user – friendly. In cPanel hosting, you can design email accounts, reset passwords, setup email forwarders, add multiple domains, etc. Further, you can redirect one domain name to another domain name or include multiple domains under which you can host various domain names with the help of domain parking feature.

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Features of cPanel

Along with web hosting, you’ll also get cPanel that includes various features like security, file management and app installation.

1. Manage FTP Accounts

FTP elaborates File Transfer Protocol. It helps users to upload and download files, develop or delete them, arrange the files in the folder and permits you to change the file permissions.

In cPanel web hosting, you can easily manage all this with the help of FTP accounts. The FTP account gets created automatically in the cPanel and after that, you can sign up for cPanel hosting.

It is easy to develop multiple FTP accounts without permitting access to new users. With cPanel, you can give access to anyone and set the level of access after assigning the particular directory to user.

2.Great Database Support

MySQL and PostgreSQL are the structured query languages that are mostly used to gain information from databases. cPanel web hosting reinforces your website with a solid database management system.

In addition, you can utilize the cPanel for configuring remote access to MySQL databases. This permits to operate the MySQL databases via external hosts.

3.Easy to Add Multiple Domains

In cPanel, you can add multiple domains and edit the zone files of the domains by altering their records. If you want to browse your website with a unique domain name, then this can be done with the help of domain aliases in cPanel. In addition to this, you can also redirect a specific web page to another domain using the feature called “Redirect”.

4. Easy to Get Website Stats

Being a website owner, you must be working on your website, right? So, it’s necessary to monitor the stats of your website. cPanel will help you to get stats on several parameters such as the number of website visitors, pages viewed, viewer’s IP address, most viewed pages, visitors that returned to the website, operating systems of the visitors, browsers, website ranking, etc. These stats will help the website owners to work accordingly.

5. Softaculous for Installing Applications

cPanel web hosting provides Softaculous script installer that allows users to install applications immediately. Softaculous comes with more than 400 applications. These applications involve WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc. cPanel web hosting has become the first choice for many web professionals as it has many things for many people.

6.Secure Your Website with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is necessary for the content delivery network that is included in cPanel web hosting that helps and improves the traffic of the website. Through cPanel, you’ll get access to Cloudflare. With this, your website traffic gets routed via a global network that increases the speed of web pages delivery for the visitors those who are browsing them. Plus, it also protects your website from DDoS and other attacks.

Most of the users enable the Port 80 instead of the Cloudflare that blocks spam and secures their website from attacks too. cPanel web hosting is secure hosting option than other types of web hosting.

Benefits of cPanel Web Hosting

If we talk about managing the website then cPanel web hosting is a complete package as it provides several features like security, control as well as freedom. Apart from this, it not only offers web hosting features but also, provides long term benefits. Below mentioned are the few main benefits of cPanel web hosting:

1. Full Control on Applications

cPanel hosting users get full control over the software and hardware applications. It helps to close down your server from a remote location and reboot your operating system as and when required. In addition, you can select any Linux based hosting plan whether it’s shared, VPS, reseller or dedicated hosting. If you buy VPS hosting including the cPanel then you get web host manager (WHM), whereas, if you buy reseller hosting then you get WHMCS with the cPanel.

2. Get Pre – Installed cPanel

You get pre-installed cPanel in cPanel web hosting plan. This avoids the manual installation of the control panel. Also, it monitors the performance of the website. If you’re planning to upgrade the hosting plan then you can check the number of resources utilized in the terms of disk space or speed, etc. This empowers users to check their resources used for a particular server.

3.Backup and Scalability

Including cPanel in the plan will add a benefit like you can take the backup at any time. However, cPanel comes with integrated backup features. Plus, you can scale the cPanel as per the demand of hosting plan.

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Final Words

This brief article will help you to understand what is cPanel and its benefits in detail. In short, it’s a backbone of the website that comprises of all keys to managing the website.