Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

Does a domain name play an important in making your online journey successful? Yes, it does! If you’re planning to have a quality website to target your specific niche audience then you need a website, domain and web hosting service to make it visible to a global audience. Therefore, getting the best domain name is the step towards a successful online journey.

Domain name is the key factor of the website that can make or break your website online. There are thousands of reasons why a unique domain name is needed. Few are the reasons highlighted below:

  • It acts as the first impression
  • It affects the SEO performance
  • It establishes your brand

So, let’s take a detail view of tips to select a domain name.

#1. Use Domain Name that is Easy to Type or Spell

Always find a domain name that’s easy to type and spell by users even though they are off-line. Avoid using slang or words with different spellings (for example; principal and principle), because it will become tough for customers to locate your site.

#2. Keep Short and Simple

If your domain is short and simple then it will avoid the risk of customers mistyping or misspelling it.

#3. Add Keywords

 If you are selecting the domain name then make sure that you’re using keywords that describe your business. For example, if you are a blogger of digital marketing then select a domain name like yournamedigital, digitalblogger, bloggingdigital, digitalworldyourname, etc. Including such keywords will increase the ranking of your blog for those searched keywords.

#4. Target your location

Target your local area like, for example, your city or state name in your domain. I know after reading this, you’ll wonder why? The answer is because it’s beneficial to target your local audience. You can opt for a domain like mumbaidigitalblogger, mumbaibloggerzone, etc.

#5. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

 This is a debatable topic whether numbers and hyphens should be there or not in the domain? According to us, using numbers and hyphens in the domain will create confusion among users. Let’s assume you’ve selected a domain called 5-Wonders. So, if anyone hears your website address, will not get a clear idea whether it’s numeral (5) or just spelt out (five), forgetting the dash, etc. If you are planning to buy these types of the domains then register multiple variations of such domains on a safer side.

#6. Be Memorable

Every day millions of domains are registered. In short, every day a new business is getting established. So, you need to be unique than others. How you can be unique in comparison to others? You have to select a unique and memorable domain. After finalizing the domain name you can share it with your friends and get suggestions. Moreover, also check the popularity of that specific domain name in Google search.

#7. Research it

This part includes searching for the domain in a proper way. Means, you have to check the availability, copyright and trademark of that particular domain. This is crucial because later it will result in a huge legal mess and it will be time-consuming. Plus, it will also affect the growth of your business.

#8. Consider Appropriate Domain Name Extension

Yet another important part that you have to consider is getting an appropriate domain name extension. Generally, extensions are suffixes that are used at the end of web addresses and such extensions are .com, .net, .info, .in, .org, etc. You can also choose country specific domain extension if you’re targeting a particular country. The .com domain extension is very common and popular but you can consider other extensions too for a shorter domain name or try to fit shorter domain name with .com. Further, domain extension also varies as per the files and folders.

A list of top extensions is mentioned below:

.co: It is used for company, commerce, and community.

.info: For informational sites.

.net: For technical, Internet infrastructure sites.

.org: For non-commercial organizations and non-profits.

.biz: It is useful for business or commercial use, for example., e-commerce sites.

.me: For blogs, resumes or personal sites.

Note: You don’t need to develop a website for every domain. Instead of that, you can forward the additional domains to your primary website.

#9. Act Fast

This is very mandatory step because domain names are getting sold quickly. Luckily, domain names are available at a very affordable price, so register your favourite domain names soon. You can consider any web hosting provider for checking the availability of the domain and can register the same.

 #10. Use a Domain Name Generator to Know Better

If you’re confused with the idea of some possible words that to be used in the domain then you can consider domain name generator tool. This tool will help you to get a fresh and available domain. Check below some tools of domain name generator:

  • Wordoid

This tool allows you to enter the word and it will suggest the best idea that either comprises of the word, starts with that word or ends with that word.

  • Lean Domain Search

 This tool fits your entered keywords with other keywords and produces a list of present domains.

  • DomainHole

This tool permits you to search for new domains, expired domains, domain alerts, bulk domain checker, etc.

Additional tips for those who are starting a new website, blog or podcast then you can consider your own name for the domain. This will help to get more remembrance if you target the right audience with the right strategies.

Final Words

Your domain name will have a remarkable impact on the success of your website. Take time to make a decision but make sure you’re selecting the best and unique domain name. Implement above-mentioned tips before choosing the best domain.