How to Earn Money Via Reseller Hosting?

Doing a 9-5 job? Not bad! But sometimes you might get bored with the routine. No doubt you might be going for holidays or picnics to get refreshed. This refreshment won’t be remaining for a longer time and so, you again get back to the previous stage. What if you earn money sitting at your home?

Yes! I am talking about starting a business which won’t include infrastructure and management. It’s a business that helps you to be your own boss.

Any guesses? No…

Reseller hosting business is what lets you become your own boss. It helps you to earn good income within less time as well as with fewer efforts.

So, let’s dive into how you can earn money via reseller hosting.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

In reseller hosting, you resell the web hosting services of third-party with your brand name to your clients.

Basically, you purchase the hard drive space and bandwidth from a hosting provider and rent that to your customers.

Who can start the Reseller Hosting Business?

Anyone who is willing to earn money online and has the basic knowledge about web hosting can start a reseller hosting business. If you are a web designer or developer who wants to add additional services to your business can also opt for the reseller hosting business.

Even an IT entrepreneur who is looking to expand the business to a broader market can become a reseller host. Being from an IT background, there won’t be any difficulties with regards to working of web hosting. So, one just need to purchase the right service and market your business appropriately.

Another web-based professional that can actually benefit from reseller hosting is a blogger. Being a blogger, you are online regularly and your blog is a perfect place to advertise reseller web hosting. There are several people visiting your blog to read the latest blog posts, including other bloggers, there are even those who need web hosting.

What are the Benefits of Starting a Reseller Hosting Business?

Below are the benefits of starting a reseller hosting business:

You Won’t Have to Invest High

When you start a new business, generally, you need to invest high but when you plan to become a web host reseller, you are quite fortunate. This is because you won’t be spending on the cost of infrastructure and management of servers. So, you can say that reseller hosting is not only a cheaper but a smarter option too for starting an online business.

Additional Income for Online Professionals

If you already do an online business or offer services such as web design or development, reseller hosting will be a perfect addon service to your business. Since you will already have the basic knowledge of web hosting, you won’t have a problem in getting the grip on your add-on business.

White Label for your Business

You can create your own hosting brand by reselling. When you buy a reseller hosting plan, you get a white label feature that allows you to sell the services with your own brand name. This means your clients won’t know that you are a reseller.

Design Your Own Packages

You can create packages of hosting plans as per your preference to meet the requirements of your client. Help your clients set up, manage as well as operate the back-end of the website of client and manage domains and email for them. You can then earn by charging for these services.

Grow From Small to Big

You can rent additional resources as your reseller business grows which indicates that you can start small and grow into a big business as the demand for your service increases.

No Server Maintenance

Server management is completely looked after by the hosting provider from whom you buy the reseller plan. So, you don’t need to be an expert in technical maintenance and also, no need to spend extra on server maintenance.

Earn Profit

You can earn great profit with reseller hosting which is one of the biggest advantages of becoming a reseller. When sell hosting, your short-term clients turn into long-term customers. This increases the value of your customers for lifetime and you get a steady income for a long period.

How to Start a Reseller Hosting Business?

Selection Of A Web Hosting Company

Since there are many hosting companies in the market today, you will need to keenly select the best provider. You can find a good reseller hosting provider by going through the reviews of various companies as well as checking their support team expertise.

Purchase Reseller Packages

After selecting a web host, you will need to select a reseller hosting package. Just compare the storage space and bandwidth of different hosting packages and then select the one that best suits your reseller business needs.

Understand Your Target Market

You are now starting your reseller hosting business, so, you need to learn about the target audience. Don’t miss to include startups, web developers and designers as well as bloggers into your audience. This is because they will require less storage and bandwidth at an affordable cost since their website traffic will be low.

Design Your Own Packages

After you purchase a reseller hosting plan from the web host, you will need to create packages for your customers. Just think on how much storage space and bandwidth to offer and design your packages accordingly.

Decide on Your Tech Support Options

Don’t miss to think on the technical support options you will offer to your customers. You can offer round the clock customer support through phone as it is easy to use. But for this, you will need a big staff to handle the phone calls as compared to email support. In case, you aren’t going to offer tech support from your side, make sure you outsource it for solving your client issues.

Offer Payment Gateways

To offer the best payment solutions, check for the costs and features of a bank merchant account along with the online options. Check if the payment service is able to process credit cards of various brands and also supports the recurring billing for the customers that subscribe on monthly basis.

What You Should Offer in Your Hosting Package?

Features You Should Offer in Your Reseller Package:

• Unlimited domain hosting
• Disc Space and bandwidth
• Domain Reseller Account
• White label branding
• cPanel / WHM control panel for Linux or Plesk control panel for Windows
• Website migration and domain hosting
• Payment Gateway
• Additional hosting features for clients, e.g. email, cPanel, and security tools
• Technical support

Features to Check for in a Reseller Hosting Plan:

You should check for the below features in your reseller hosting plan prior to buying it from a web host:

• Company popularity and reputation
• 24*7*365 customer support
• Technical support for Linux and Windows
• Private name servers
• Website migration service
• Website backup service
• Domain reseller account
• One-click software installer

Bottom Line

You can easily become a reseller host if you keep these few things in mind. It is obvious that you can earn high profits, if you and your reseller hosting provider meet the demands of your customers. So, why wait? Start your own web hosting company and get rid of the routine 9-5 job.